Achtung. Achtung.

We seem to like our languages here.
Yesterday we went all Dutch, and today we are going to the lands of U2.
And no, it is not Stefan’s Birthday either.

It is just a simple service announcement that we are making some changes to our little website in the coming days, including this fun little comment system and some service disruption may occur.

Like they say in Germany: Mind the gap and stay calm.
It is just some good old yippie kay ye work in progress.

The Crew

Under Construction

Under Construction

We are moving our fantastic little spot here on the web to our new home this weekend and that will include some high tech geeky wizardry with changing name servers and other web related stuff.

It may be a little bit bumpy and some elements may cause some disruption in our quality of service but I am sure you will support us in these times of change.

Off course we will keep you posted and up to speed, both here and on all our social platforms we tend to hang out.


Achtung Baby

PS. Maybe good to bookmark all of them, just in case :)

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