SiP goes Paris – 15-17 June 2018

This is the official SiP goes Paris page

What is it all about?

SiP goes Paris is a 3 days toy photography meet-up (also known as “Toy Safari”) where toy photographers from all over the world come together to share their passion for shooting toys and create some great creative fun. After successful meet-ups in Stockholm, Hamburg, Edinburgh and crashing in on Lizzi’s London Toy Safari, it is now time to visit the beautiful city of Paris during #SiPgoesParis2018. A three-day celebration of fun, toys, and cameras with old and new friends alike. And don’t hesitate to bring your significant other half along for the ride as there is more than just toys.


We have selected Paris, France as our travel destination and are discussing the best accommodations in our FB group we have set up. Feel free to join in the discussion.

When is it happening?

The date is set.
We will be meeting Friday 15th of June, in the morning, in Paris and kick off this fun weekend (For those of you who would arrive earlier, we will meet on Thursday evening, for an early meet-up). The planning is yet to be decided but we should have some great locations and fun activities.

We will end every day with a team dinner to enjoy some French cuisine (and wine) followed by some cityscape photography and some more.

The official program ends somewhere after lunch on Sunday 17th of June so everyone can travel back home, or just stay a little bit longer.

Some are already talking of staying on Monday to enjoy a day at Disneyland Paris.

3 easy steps to complete…

  1. Fill this short survey to let us know that you are coming (or thinking of coming).
  2. Join the SiP goes Paris discussion group to get the best info on where everyone is staying and flying in and out and work the details of the meetup together with us. This is after all, (y)our event.
  3. Book your flight tickets and invite some more friends

    We will keep this page updated with all new information as we go along.

    Last update. March 5th – Original Version
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