SiP goes Denmark

Our 2019 toy photography safari will be Denmark this year.
SiP goes Denmark is a go.
The full program is being worked out but we will be putting our basecamp in Aarhus, just a stonecast(*) away from Billund, the cradle of the Brick.
And yes, we will be visiting Billund (more details to come).

The official dates for #SiPgoesDenmark2019 in Aarhus are Thursday, 27th June, through to Sunday, 30th June 2019. 

Our official announcement by the one and only HerrSM can be found here.
The one and only FB (yep Facebook) workgroup can be found here.
And our own little discussion forum where you can ask any and all questions is here.

Denmark, here we come. 

(*) Those Danish folks cast stones very far. Aarhus is a good 100 km from Billund and takes us an hour with the car through the scenic landscape of Denmark.