While the Crew is enjoying a sleepover in the city of Tronsø amongst some of the smartest brains of this world, our ever wondering explores are catching up slowly and reached the Silver Falls …

Will they catch up with our friends before they reach their highest destination ?
Why are they so determined to catch up ?
Is danger lurking ahead, or do they have clue to the quest of the Crew ?

Time will tell … just like the pebbles on the beach tell a story of million years ago.


Today we find our Crew™ back aboard the ship of Captain Reine. 
The secret letter we got from Buccaneer Kidman in Silver Falls revealed some golden nuggets and told us to get on touch with Lord Edgard. 

We followed the instructions by the letter and landed in a harbour village just east of the Atlantic Ocean where Captain Reine (picture above) heard about the epic love story of Lady Kidman and lord Edgard. 
Lord Edgard™
A most respectable sperm whale of age and size who enjoys the deep sea canyon of Andøya in summer. 

Is this all just a hoax or a marketing lure to get the big wildlife lenses out and about or is there more to the love story ?
Stay tuned and discover what Lord Edgard told the Crew™ Before taking a deep dive …
Me2 and Crew™
Ps. The picture above is Lord Edgard after our encounter. Courtesy of Me2 for the pic :-)


A wet day it was. 
While the adventure started on a sunny beach just outside the luxurious resort it ended in a wet experience. 
The Crew™ met Chief Pirate One Leg Kidman and got instructed on what they need to visit when NOT crossing the border. 
Duly noted. 
And we will be back. 
We continued up North and eventually we landed at the Atlantic. 
Just one word. 
Or euhh was it wet. 
Tomorrow we head for the seven seas …
Me2 and Crew. 

The Traveling City

The Crew Buss in Kiruna City

Another epic day is coming to a close.

We found the moving city of Kiruna, we got the whole Crew™ certified on being polar circle explorers,  we found snow on the mountains, we talked shop, we had great food, we sang some Dwarvish songs, we closed the gap to the laponian gate and we ended the day with a fantastic photowalk down the slope.

Each and every topic deserves its own post and both me and Shelly made a mental note we will explore some of the topics in more detail (walking cities, talking shop, photowalks, Dwarvish songs…) long after the epic adventure has come to a closure and is part of our shared memory (read history).

On the way out of Kiruna some of the Crew decided to take a quick selfie before hitting the snowy mountains and luxury key resorts …

A quick Selfie in Kiruna

Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmina

It is not the destination but the journey on itself that makes travelling worthwhile a wise man said, and he was not mistaken. Not mistaken at all.

Today is our third day in our epic quest for the Northern Light and we continue the way up north from Ostersund in the middle of Sweden towards the Laponian Gate and beyond.

We woke up to the tunes of classic music composed by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger as we ended up putting our camper in his backyard and visited the Frösö Church in the morning.

A church rumoured to collect some hidden Illuminati symbols which triggered some of the Crew to get their camera out and discussions on Dan Brown and the Da Vinci code continued long after we left Frösö Church behind us.

When signs to Dorotea, Vilhelmina and Frederika started to pop up along the road, some of our Crew members got all excited about the female beauty laying ahead of us.

Did you know that these three communities in the south of Lapland were named after Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmina von Baden, Queen of Sweden in the early 1800 and that the region is therefore unoffically called Queensland ?

Neither did we, but some frantic research in our (online) travel guides gave us a much deeper insight in how cities and communities were named in the olden days, and revealed the story behind Dorotea and Vilhelmina while I thought it was actually Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump who inspired these cities.

Travelling by car, boat or train really makes you feel the distance.

The distance that is part of the voyage and let you reflect on the history that came before ús.

A history that makes it back into our stories, our memories, our pictures …

We just reached the polar circle, and set up camp here in JokkMokk before we take the last hike up north.

Me2 and Crew.

PS. Travelling is great fun, and taking pictures along the road to document the story has some unexpected moments. Go check out Instagram and discover a beautiful blooper including Rudolf, Santa own little helper.

Full House

Day two is coming to a close and we had a full house today.

We left in the early mornings the classic city of Gothenburg behind and started the epic trek up north following the good old inlandsvagen route and explicitly avoiding the “recommended” GPS instructions we stuck onto our dashboard and forcing modern technology into taking this route of beauty.

Our very first quick stop in the morning was Håverud, where horse, train and boat meet each other in an epic wonder of technology constructed in the hay days of industrial revolution. In the far backend you can see the car (previously horse) bridge crossing the river, followed by the copper train track and last but not least the waterways including a boat aquaduct called the Dalsland Canal created mid 1800. Our little camper is parked in front and you can expect some more #selfies along the road.

The crew had the pleasure of seeing the whole water works in action, and for the next few miles everyone was discussing the wonders of train and boat travel while our little engine just ploughed along and there were mentions of following Agatha Christie on the Nile and the Orient Express.

Are we missing a murder mystery here or is it just the longing for the travel.

And indeed travelling it is.

Long roads of green scandinavian trees and very bad 1/2/3/4G coverage (we were equipped with our three national internet carriers and explored quite some prehistoric black spots amongst our devices) made you wonder how communications, friendships and global world domination of being stuck in plastic worked in the olden days when everything took time and pigeons were the major mode of communications.

We had some tea with Selma Ottilia Lovisa and Nils and shared some of our travel stories with these two routined Nobel Price winners before we moved on to meet with Anders Zorn in Mora and discuss some of his great paintings in our epic quest for the Northern Light.

Right now we have reached the “middle” of Sweden called Ostersund and are taking a quick stop over before we embark on the next big hike up north. 

Shelly (@xxsjc) and Kristy (@sydneybrickchick) are out and about looking for some magical light in the long hours after sunset.
@herrk and @east_mountain went out for some quick boules, while the rest of the crew is catching up with doing dishes, having quick beauty sleeps or processing some of the RAW materials of the day ….

Tomorrow morning is a new day ahead of us.

Mosquitos, here we come !

Day One and a half …

Goodmorning Sunshines !

The epic adventure is well on its way and we are getting the logistics in place to shoot great pictures, have an awesome time amongst friends, keep you all posted and do some mileage in our quest for the northern light and epic friendships stuck in plastic.

Yesterday we drove a good 500 kilometers from our Studio in the heart of the Stockholm Archipelago to the beginning of our quest, the start of inlandsvagen near Gothenburg.

On the way down we passed by the Swedish Hollywood to pick one of our crew members who was out and about shooting his own epic adventure in the zombie infested woods of Trolleywood.

Luckily no one got hurt but we may have picked up a few pieces of unplanned guests on the way. Time will tell.

The whole crew checked in an undisclosed location at the Avenue of Gothenburg, but someone must have given the hotel a heads up as you could see last night on Twitter (feel free to follow us there as well and get instant tweets as we move along).

While east_mountain was having a great time when the water poured down from the sky the rest of us of took some shelter in Liseberg.

And luckily we did as we bumped into Kristy who had taken a wrong turn when she was hitchiking across the universe from down under …

The rest of the night we spent with Balder, Helix, HDR and some good beer, wine and conversations …

Now, who showed up with some extra lugage at breakfast ?

Day Zero

Day Zero is upon us.

We find C3PO and Artoo wondering if this is really the adventure they both have been looking for, while our other guests are just enjoying the tropical temperatures the Stockholm Archipelago has to offer these days …

The crew is ready, the gear is locked and most of the guests have arrived (two listed ladies are still missing and a rescue mission has been launched).

We are ready to hit the road and indeed kickstart the adventure we all have been waiting for.

An adventure of Friends™ that will take us places.

An adventure that hopefully will spark some global friendship and shows us some great scenery and inspiration.

An adventure that will take us beyond the basics and who knows may even cross paths with an old sailor at the other side of the pond.

An adventure that starts in the south of Sweden (here is a numerical hint for those who cannot wait and want to say hi tomorrow 57.695219 11.992464,17) but will soon take us to places far beyond the starting point and its merry go round …

So, if you are in the neighborhood of  57.695219 11.992464,17 tomorrow evening we may bump into each other !

Me2 and Crew


As we await +Me2 and his/our grand adventure to begin I thought I would introduce you to another great storyteller: Bricksailboat.

BrickSailboat has always been one of my favorite feeds on Instagram. What is there not to like about free wheeling ninjas, a crew of regular mini figs and classic pirates all struggling for control of a full size sailboat?

The mastermind of this silly and beautifully photographed feed is Paul S. Mr S loves a good story. The characters who populate his feed are often engaged in an elaborate story lines involving adventure, epic quests and mysterious strangers. Even when the ninjas are simply training on the boat I have the feeling they are bidding their time until the next adventure begins.

Now that Mr S. is on his own epic cross country trek, relocating to another coast line, the entire crew of the sailboat has gone on equally large quests. As we are treated to photos of ninjas’ trekking across sand dunes I realize that Mr S planned his entire road trip around finding these stunning locations just to feed the story line. That is some dedication!

If you find yourself treading water with your photography, creating a specific story line is a great way to move forward. If you are handy with words write an original adventure, if not try recreating a favorite literary passage. You might just find yourself creating some beautiful photographs along the way.

Who are your favorite storytellers on Instagram?
Have you tried your hand at creating a unified story and telling it using Lego?

Beyond The Basics

Ok you’ve mastered the basics…now what?

You’ve got a good gear set-up, you know how to work those studio lights, you have a good grasp of depth of field and your photos more often than not, turn out great. Congratulations you are now a photographer!! Welcome to the club. 
Now the fun begins.
What are you going to do with this new found photo knowledge? What is the story you are trying to tell with your images?  What emotion you are trying to convey? How are you connecting with your audience? How are you changing the world around you? How is what you are doing different from everything that has come before?
I didn’t say this was going to be easy. 
It doesn’t matter if you are creating photos to feed the Instagram beast or creating a body of work that will be shown in a professional setting, you need to be asking your self these questions. In a world that generates thousands of photos per minute you need to make an emotional connection with your audience in some fashion. Your work needs to move beyond the technical. What exactly that will look like is each persons unique journey. 
Please don’t think that +Me2 and I do not struggle with these questions on a daily basis. We do, trust me. You are in good company. This is not an easy task, but it will elevate your work to the next level. 
~ xxsjc

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso