A Hogwarts story  

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It was a dark Sunday night at Hogwarts. One of those nights during which silence roams the corridors of this giant castle. A night of full moon... Hogwarts at night In one of the small rooms of Hogwarts, three little wizards were quietly working on something. It was Harry, Ron and Hermione, all gathered around…

Posted : 21/12/2018 5:00 pm
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A most wonderful story @ballou34

I really like how these stories are actually bedtime stories for young and old. We should really see how we can turn them in a little booklet.

Now, on to my questions :)

I really like the images. Did you use a lens baby for the effects or did you do it in post? They visual effect really add to the story and just curious what road you went. If this is a lens baby I should really still see if I can get my hands on one, PS I have :)

I don't like the microfigs. At least for now the painting feels too much of a handjob. How did you feel about these microfigures? They feel to static and very difficult to take to the next level and not on the same level as @herrK little people. 

That said, awesome story and beautiful images. 


Posted : 21/12/2018 7:20 pm
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Thank you very much, Boris. Glad you like it.

I actually added the motion blur effect after on PS. I don't have a Lensbaby but I am thinking on getting my hand on a Lensbaby Spark which is relatively cheap. But when I looked at my picture, I found them really dull. So I needed to have something else. And I thought about adding some blur, like if you were looking at the story through a crystal ball.

As for the microfigs, I agree. The paint is not perfect and is lacking of details. But what disturbs me the most is the lack of movement. They are statues. Perfect accessories for minifigs but I don't like them as characters in pictures. However, I really enjoy them in the Hogwarts Castle scale, and they add a lot to the display piece.
And they also have that big base, which is horrible...

And I agree, Stefan's little people are much more interesting and could be awesome characters to another Hogwarts story :-)

Posted : 22/12/2018 2:16 pm