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It is that time of the year.

 Yesterday I went shopping for some outdoor lighting to make the winter nights here in Sweden just a little bit cozier and to replace our Christmas  flag pole lighting set which broke down last year (don't ask, it is a Swedish thingie, would never done it in Belgium). Most of the big sets were sold out, and I did not manage to get the new set for our flag pole, but I ended up with three cute little portable lightsets I will kick in my travel bag for some fun Bokeh shots.

The original shots you can find in my cliffhanger post, but the bokeh ones were all shot with my little finds from yesterday. 

If you don't have something similar in your goodies bag, now is a good time to look in the stores, as Christmas light sets are most probably on sale everywhere.

Are you using Christmas lights to make an awesome bokeh backdrop or do you think it is too cheesy :)



Posted : 17/12/2018 9:05 pm
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