Time Machine

Before we head into the future of 2023. Let us just head back to February 2022, and catch up on a wonderful set. Our friends over at the LEGO Group provided Chris with this futuristic time machine. And he certainly had the pleasure of shooting it out on location. Here are his thoughts about this …

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Postcards from Bevvypix

Remember a while ago, I reviewed the New York City using lights provided by Lightailing. Shortly afterwards, I received a few more Architecture sets provided by our dear friends over at The LEGO Group. Along with other Stuck in Plastic crew and some of our close friends. This was an opportunity to travel and rebuild …

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SiP goes Floating Bricks

Hello again, Hamburg While most everyone will probably be working on their idea of recognition or already be preparing their nostalgia I´ve got some great news for you: We, the StuckInPlastic crew, will be showing some of our artworks at this year´s edition of the Floating Bricks exhibition on the 17th and 18th of March! …

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Projects sometimes need time. Time to grow and mature. Evolve and become better like a bottle of good wine. Researched and learned from the mistakes along the road. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come. 100% Stuck In Plastic.

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