SiPgoes52 is complete!

I did it! I completed my SiPgoes52 project. There are still some upcoming photos to clean up in Photoshop. Choices between alternate photos I need to make. Some upcoming words for which I want to take more photos, hoping a better one will come up. Some older words I want to revisit. But I’m now sure …

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A mysterious telephone call During the summer we got a mysterious call from an undisclosed number on a faraway island, asking us if we would be interested in collaborating on a top secret project. We had to keep it a secret, but we said yes. Of course! We love top secret projects, especially when they …

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No. Cards is not the new word of the month. The new word is coming later this month. Cards is a project. A year-end project in the good old SiP tradition you can join in. Cards are the new book exchange. Easier, simpler and back to the roots. Acoustic. What is it all about? We …

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Projects sometimes need time. Time to grow and mature. Evolve and become better like a bottle of good wine. Researched and learned from the mistakes along the road. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come. 100% Stuck In Plastic.


Remember our word of March? Don’t worry if you forgot. It was Projects. Projects tend to have a deadline, and I talked about that one as well, especially since I missed that deadline. Now deadlines are nothing more as a line in the sand, a date to work to. Critical. But not the most important. What …

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PS. Deadline

When we set the timeline for the project due date at the 31st March, we implicitly introduced the deadline. The deadline finds it origin (*) in the early days of journalism and the printing press, with the guideline marked on the press plate that set the boundaries. The deadline in which everything needed to fit and …

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Process and Story

The Process When I read about this month’s Project, I was first excited and ideas started to pop into my head as I was reading Boris’ blog post. Then as I was going through the list of constraints I started to get afraid I couldn’t make it. There were two major obstacles for this project …

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This month seems to be flashing by, in circles, colorful, great fun, and at a dizzying speed. No time to focus. Just like a Tardis. Or a good old merry-go-round. No head, no tail, an outer space portal-like experience. A blur of colors. A childhood passion. Yet before you know the ride is over and …

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