Hocus Pocus

It’s been three decades since the Sanderson Sisters were last seen in Salem and the witches are back. We gave Natasja and Bev the opportunity to light another black flame. Spellbound they bring back this Disney classic. This LEGO Ideas Hocus Pocus set 21341 was provided by our dear friends over at the LEGO group. …

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Disney Inspired

Marching on we parade into week 11 of the sipgoestgif weekly challenges. Last week you embraced the Exposure Triangle and provided light, beaming all over our Instagram dedicated hashtag. Now this week, we look at inspiration and not just any inspiration, we look at the wonderful world of Disney. Inspiration is the process of being …

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Exposure Triangle

Last week we looked at Infinity ♾ and you girls and guys nailed the task beyond my expectations. We gave ourselves some much needed space. Now as we approach week 10. We delve deeper into the Exposure (Bermuda) Triangle, well not actually in the Caribbean but in your camera settings. Twenty Twenty Two Week 10 …

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The Fungi Times

Every workshop we set out to create a story with the whole group. We don’t know where the story will take us. We just know we have sixteen odd creatives, a basic set of characters to work with, and sixty minutes to complete it. So when we kicked off Fungi Times (the title was set), …

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SiP card exchange 2021

Summer is just about to end in the northern hemisphere and we are waiting for our Autumn workshop next month. Yet at the same time, we are already looking towards winter, Christmas … and our annual card exchange. Even though Christmas is more than three months away, we have already started preparing this year’s card …

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The Rabbit Season

It’s that time of year when rabbit-hunting is permitted! As the the season workshop comes to an end again. Or is it Duck season? Rabbit-season typically runs from early November to late February, however some hunters wait and on this occasion, after Daffy has convinced Elmer that it is in fact rabbit season, he sets …

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