Stacy goes Sci-Fi

Week 4 of the TGIF Weekly Workshop Challenge and “Sci-Fi” was our prompt. I’m very much into science fact, but have always enjoyed a bit of science fiction. But when I read this week’s prompt on the Discord channel my mind was a total blank. If I didn’t come up with something, sure, I could …

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This is the One.

We once in a while take a creative review of a set upon us. Sometimes we buy the set guitars ourselves because we love it.And sometimes we get one from our good friends over at The LEGO Group. And it happens we get in a creative block. An unfinished story that still wants to be …

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Reflections on Long Exposure

Last week’s Long Exposure challenge pushed my creative and technical boundaries. This was the first time I’ve applied the technique to LEGO photography. Scott MurphySeriously whimsical LEGO photography Celebrating the essential business of play Posts daily unless otherwise Please enjoy irresponsibly

Take Your Time

Week two of Twenty Two is here and chances are that some of us have already dropped a few of the resolutions we made at the New Year’s party. No worries. This theme for this week is on staying focused despite what is happening around you. How do we translate this into photography? Suné HornArt …

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A hard day’s work

Xmas is over. Santa has delivered his packages all around the world. And our Christmas Card Exchange has been a blast. If you have been on IG these last few days you must have seen all the fun. And the greetings. And the joy. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust …

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This is Halloween

Hallow sounds like Hello doesn’t it? But Hallow holds a different meaning with lots of trick and treats connected to this pagon ritual. Hallow or holy person refers to the saints that are celebrated on All Saints’ Day which happens to be on November 1st. Therefore Halloween is an old fashion way of saying “the …

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Happy Monday

A happy Monday everyone. A new week has started and we are a good 5 days away from Friday. Friday, the day the weekend starts and we get some extra quality time with our friends, family, and toys alike. And the inspiration for our little creative workshop challenge we are running here on SiP with …

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