TGIF – Autumn

This weekend’s theme celebrates autumn! The task: Create an image that evokes the spirit of Autumn. “Autumn, with its enchanting arrival, paints the world in a rich tapestry of colors. Trees shed their summer greens to don vibrant coats of red, orange, and golden yellow, creating a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s artistry. The air turns …

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 HOWDY! This weekend’s theme is all about MOVIES – WESTERN 🐎🤠🏜🌵🎥🎬🎞 🐴🤠 Saddle up for this weekend’s theme that rides through the world of Western Movies 🌵🏜🤠 📷 INTRODUCTION: Step into the dusty boots of a bygone era, where the wild frontier meets the silver screen. Western movies have etched their place in cinematic history …

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TGIF – Board games

🎲🏆 This weekend’s theme is all about SPORTS – BOARD GAMES 🎲🏅 Get ready to capture the fun and excitement of classic and modern games with us for this weekend’s photo challenge! ♟🎲  📷 THE TASK: STRATEGY and COMPETITION Show us your best shots of board game enthusiasts in action. From Chess and Backgammon to …

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TGIF – Smurfs

The card for this week is J (or Kn, V, or B) of diamonds which gets us Smurfs. So far, we’ve photographed Playmobil and Barbie as part of the “Toys” series. This week we will focus on those little blue characters called Smurfs. A little background: The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs; Dutch: De Smurfen) is …

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TGIF – Comic Book

The card for week 34 is 5 of comic book (noun) – a magazine that presents a serialized story in the form of a comic strip, typically featuring the adventures of a superhero. ”…typically featuring the adventures of a superhero.” Your story does NOT have to feature a superhero. It’s your comic and your story. …

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TGIF – Spaceship

The card for this week is 10 of If you haven’t heard already, aliens are real. Well… according to a whistle-blower the US has been “covering up alien life” for decades. You might have missed the news because, you know, you’re busy trying to get back to “normal” after a pandemic, trying to survive in …

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TGIF – Actor

Time to focus on some famous individuals. In March we looked at some influential scientists (real and fictional). This week, we’re going to focus on famous actors. Though some might argue that they don’t contribute as much as scientists, they are definitely a very important part of society. Actors are crucial to bring stories and …

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