Week 44 – Newton

This week, our human being is Newton. Isaac the physicist and mathematician, not Helmut the photographer. Although I’m the one responsible for putting him on our list, I’ve got to admit I regret it. Newton is one of those famous people we put on our list as “an easy human being” that anyone knows. However, …

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Pippilotta Rollgardinia Victualia Peppermint Longstocking

This week’s person in the spotlight of our SiP goes 53 series is the creative storyteller behind the rebellious Pippilotta. Pippilotta Rollgardinia Victualia Peppermint Longstocking to be precise. Pippi in short is the red-haired, freckled, unconventional and superhumanly strong kid that lives in Villa Villekulla and embarks on amazing adventures with her horse and Herr …

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Week 41 – Jane Goodall

For this week of SiPgoes53, our human being is Jane Goodall. She’s probably the most famous primatologist. She is most well-known for observing the social and family life of chimpanzees and noticing that like human beings, they are able to have individual personalities and emotions. As SiPgoes53 is about humanity, Jane Goodall is an important …

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Week 28 – Isabella Andreini

Isabella Andreini is one of the most famous actresses from the Italian Renaissance. She entered the troupe “I Gelosi”, performed in front of the nobility of Italy and France, and eventually led the company. The stock character “Isabella” of the commedia dell’arte was named in her honor after her death. Why Isabella? When we came …

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The June Recap

June is over and it’s time for our monthly #SiPgoes53 review. Last month we explored Christopher Lee, Jodie Foster, Eric Clapton, and J.K. Rowling. It’s time to look at your entries that caught our eyes on Instagram. (If you want to join in the SiPgoes53 series, you can still join at your own pace and leisure. …

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Week 26 – J.K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling, probably best known under her pen name J.K. Rowling is our woman of the week. As the author of the best selling book series of all time, she is another human being that probably doesn’t need an extensive introduction. MaëlickSharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

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