I’d like to thank Stuck in Plastic for inviting me to write this post about “Fitness”.  When I was reviewing the 52 words for the Stuck in Plastic challenge, the word “Fitness” stood out to me right away. Fitness and Gymnastics What is it about the word “Fitness” that inspires me? It’s the idea of …

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Week 3: Fun

Fun. A simple word. Yet so powerful and hardwired in our deoxyribonucleic acid. Our DNA. Are we not all hardwired to play and have some fun. Wiki According to almighty Wikipedia: Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience — often unexpected, informal, generally not cerebral and generally purposeless. …

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Toy Photography and Fun At first, fun seemed one of the easiest words of our little project. For me, fun is the main reason why I started both photography and toy photography. Some four years ago, I was looking for a new creative hobby. I ended up buying a camera, and after, I eventually went into …

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Week 2: Confidence

Seriously? We’re already two weeks into 2018?? Awesome! Awesome because it means that we’ve already arrived in our #SiPgoes52 challenge. The one where there’s a new word for everyone to explore every single week. All in all 52 words that you may think about. And last but not least: 52 words for you to visualize …

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Self-confidence Like Julien, the first thing that came to my mind when thinking about this week’s word is self-confidence. The truth is, I lack confidence. For almost everything’s I’ve done, both in my private or professional life, I’ve always underestimated my abilities to succeed. But looking back a few years ago, I’ve improved. And it’s …

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Week 1: Creativity

Week One of the new year is coming to an end. For some of us, the working life is about to start again tomorrow, while others (like yours truly) have enjoyed their first weekend of the year. We started this year with a completely new challenge. A challenge we explained in detail in the last …

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Creativity and Play

Creativity I’ve decided to use our first word of 2018 as a way to reflect on the past year. Specifically, I’ve asked myself what did I create last year? And how did it happen? I’ve found out the answer to creativity is often play. Browsing through my Lightroom catalog, one character stands out of the …

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