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Animals Land TGIF


This weekend’s theme is all about ANIMALS ON LAND Get ready to explore the majestic world of Animals on Land. 🌍🐅📸🌿🐛🐌🐿🐖🦙 INTRODUCTION: Terrestrial animals, often referred to as land animals, are a diverse group of creatures that inhabit the Earth’s terrestrial environments, such as forests, grasslands, deserts, and mountains. These animals have adapted to life …



 HOWDY! This weekend’s theme is all about MOVIES – WESTERN 🐎🤠🏜🌵🎥🎬🎞 🐴🤠 Saddle up for this weekend’s theme that rides through the world of Western Movies 🌵🏜🤠 📷 INTRODUCTION: Step into the dusty boots of a bygone era, where the wild frontier meets the silver screen. Western movies have etched their place in cinematic history …

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TGIF – Board games

🎲🏆 This weekend’s theme is all about SPORTS – BOARD GAMES 🎲🏅 Get ready to capture the fun and excitement of classic and modern games with us for this weekend’s photo challenge! ♟🎲  📷 THE TASK: STRATEGY and COMPETITION Show us your best shots of board game enthusiasts in action. From Chess and Backgammon to …

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TGIF – Smurfs

The card for this week is J (or Kn, V, or B) of diamonds which gets us Smurfs. So far, we’ve photographed Playmobil and Barbie as part of the “Toys” series. This week we will focus on those little blue characters called Smurfs. A little background: The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs; Dutch: De Smurfen) is …

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The SiPgoesTGIF theme for this weekend’s photography challenge is: SEA There’s something truly captivating about the vast and endless expanse of the open sea. Beneath the waves lies a world of wonder and mystery, where marine animals of all shapes and sizes thrive in their natural habitat. From the graceful movements of dolphins to the …

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TGIF Week 14 Spring

TgiF23 – Spring

The SiPgoesTGIF theme for this weekend’s photography challenge is: SPRING With the arrival of April comes the promise of warmer weather, longer days, and the beauty of Spring. After a long and dreary winter, there’s something about this season that feels like a fresh start. From the vibrant colors of blooming flowers to the chirping …

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TGIF23 – Africa

The SiPgoesTGIF theme for this weekend’s photography challenge is: Africa Africa, home of the lesser flamingo. These magnificent birds are known to congregate at lakes in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. When they gather during peak breeding season, their numbers can reach millions transforming the lakes into a breathtaking spectacle of pink. Not what you …

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Twenty Two in Review

Well what a year Twenty Two has beenSo many things happened and so many photos seenIt’s now time to wRap up this tourAnd anticipate what’s next around the SiP door.But first we take a look with a roarviewAnd look back on Twenty Twenty Two January Twenty two kicked off with a manifest Sune put our thought …

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Minus One

This week’s challenge is centered around the number -1. How do we photograph -1? Well multiply any number by -1, and you obtain its opposite. And this week is all about the opposite. Setting and breaking rules In the past weeks, we already explored breaking the rules. We first went beyond perfectionism and went against …

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Next Sunday will be pinhole day, and the goal of this week is to celebrate it. A pinhole camera is any kind of container (e.g. a box) that only let light pass through a tiny hole and reach a photo-sensitive surface. In essence, it is similar to any other camera with the exception that it …

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