The Quest for the Easter Eggs

Let me tell the story of when the world almost came to an end due to the lack of chocolate eggs for Easter.

Rustlefeet the Hedgehog (Natasja)

Once upon a time, SmashMouse was playing with a big Easter egg and broke it accidentally. The egg was shattered into multiple parts that were scattered all around the world.

SmashMouse (Jennifer)

I was there and saw it happen. I sent messages all around the world so that local heroes could help us collect the pieces… and hopefully, save the world so that we wouldn’t starve on Easter without our chocolate. And so the epic quest of our time began.

Rustlefeet the Hedgehog (Natasja)

As Kai-Uwe was living close to Natasja, he was the first to receive his letter. Up in a tree he spotted a silver fracture of the giant egg. With his enormous throwing skills, he sent the egg off into the sky, leaving a pink trail…

Kai-Uwe (Stefan)
Kai-Uwe (Stefan)
Kai-Uwe (Stefan)

Babou received a letter with a gift of nail polish to convince him to join the quest for the Easter egg. After battling hundreds of villains, he found the missing egg piece and sent it back using his magic powder.

Babou (Sarah)
Babou (Sarah)

Amethyst was enjoying the sunny day in the Gem Kingdom when she received an urgent message from SmashMouse. A piece of the egg had landed in her kingdom and this needed to be found to rebuild the egg. Others in other kingdoms were also on the same mission to restore the chocolate egg. Where should she start exploring? Maybe within the Gem fields? She set out on her quest to find the piece and send it to Micki to save the chocolate egg. After searching the fields and finding a few local treasures, she discovered a large shiny silver piece that did not belong in the gem fields. What could this be? IT WAS THE CHOCOLATE piece!!! In a hurry, she dug up the piece using her sword and sent it onto Micki. “Had the others also found their pieces?” she wondered before going about the rest of the sunny afternoon.

Amethyst Spire (Claudia)
Amethyst Spire (Claudia)

After receiving his letter, Tom found a big white brick and struck it with an arrow.

Tom (Filip)
Tom (Filip)
Tom (Filip)

The Chameleon Warrior was looking for the missing egg pieces in the chrome magical cave, with the unfolded envelope on the ground, with the revealed map!

The Chameleon Warrior (Dennis)

Ocheeva found the egg with the help of her trusty raptor pet. She sent the egg to Micki by sending the mother T-Rex as a pigeon post.

Ocheeva (Maëlick)

Kiki-Jiki had received the help call and he adventured himself into a mountain site tunnel to find the egg missing piece lost at his underground world, and send it back to where it belongs.

Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)
Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)
Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)

General Ericius was ready to settle down to retire when he received an important letter in the post. It’s time for battle again as he heads out to reclaim his piece of egg from the evil army of chicks.

General Ericius (Chris)
General Ericius (Chris)

Ziggy found out that there was a missing piece in a bird’s nest and had to find the right piece between the real eggs. He then sent the egg by butterfly to Micki.

Ziggy the Orc Mouse (Tjaard)
Ziggy the Orc Mouse (Tjaard)

Dumphrey eagerly set out to find his missing egg. Journeying deep into the forest, it’s nowhere to be seen. He almost loses hope that he will ever find it. Until with a cry, he spies it nestled in the undergrowth.

Dumphrey (Mike)

Undenounced to everyone, Tussi, who had a special grudge against one of the heroes, also received a letter. He learned exactly how the team was planning to fix the Easter egg. When the egg was almost complete, Tussi tried to sabotage the mission. He created a special bomb to try to damage the Easter egg.

Tussi (Suné)

Fortunately, Micki saved the day using her illusionist skills to restore the chocolate egg pieces.

Micki (Sophie)
Micki (Sophie)
Micki (Sophie)

Finally, Be_varrrle placed the egg back in its rightful place and sang a song to let everyone know it is safely back.

Be_varrrle (Bev)

The Bevvypix Cut

Maelick writing his thoughts Looking Back at SipgoesTT last week has inspired me to complete the themes that I had not completed. There were three movie genres in total that I failed to finish for #SiPgoesTT. These were Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. I had the ideas but in the latter part of 2020, I was also finalising my final major project connected to my academic Master’s degree. Although, I have no excuse for not completing Comedy way back in July.

The Challenge

Previously, I had enjoyed taking part in the Stuck in Plastic yearly challenges and I had completed the 2018 project. Concentrating on 52 different values we set about to complete #SiPgoes52. This consisted of words/values provided each week for your own interpretation. Having completed this project, I set about publishing a book titled LEGO Life 52V.

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And the Oscar for the Best Romantic Movie goes to…

May is already over, and so is last month’s challenge about romantic movies.

The runners-up

Thank you to everyone who embraced the romantic movie theme, there were some great movies captured. So before announcing the winner, let’s have a look at some of the other entries that caught our eyes.

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Run Forest, Run.

A few months ago I joined my first ever photo marathon in Stockholm. Not sure what to expect, I started to prepare. And I went a little bit overboard. And here we are. Less as 24 hours before the real deal here in Stockholm starts again, and yours truly got a starting number and is (not) ready to do it again.
No preparation at all.
Not well rested either.
And yet very much excited.

My start number from the previous one. Together with my little other half. Too well prepared.

First things first. What is a photo marathon?

But first, let’s take a step back and look what a photo marathon really is.

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Photographing large toys – part 2

Last week I talked about how I forced and trained myself photographing larger LEGO sets. Eventually, this led me to the Ultimate challenge of photographing the second tallest LEGO set: the Disney Castle.

This blog post is the continuation of last week, focusing on my two photo sessions with the Castle. The difficulties encountered and the lessons learned along the way.

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Photographing large toys – part 1

I’ve always felt quite uncomfortable when I have to photograph relatively large toys. I’m used to photographing minifig-size toys and when I need to move to a larger scale, I usually struggle. It’s completely out of my comfort zone. Bokeh is an important element of my photography and with a larger scale, it gets more difficult to rely on it. As an outdoor toy photographer, another challenge with large LEGO sets is transport.

For over a year now, I’ve been forcing myself to photograph larger toys, mostly complete LEGO sets and builds. My main goal has been to have photos of the entire build, not some close-up shot of details. (I consider close-ups as cheating as it would amount to going back inside the comfort zone.)

In this two-part blog post series, I want to look back at how I practiced photographing larger toys, in particular, large LEGO builds. Today, I will talk about how I rehearsed and trained myself. This will lead to talking next week about the story of how I ended up photographing the Disney Castle as the Ultimate Challenge. and what I learned along the way.

(And maybe there will be a third part later after receiving the new LEGO Dino…)

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The Survivor of the Apocalypse

The Story So Far

For the past month, we decided to run a little contest to celebrate the release of the LEGO Movie 2. After returning from the 2019 edition of Floating Bricks, we are overwhelmed to having found more than 170 entries. No less but ALL of them are great! Some may even be a little greater. And while many participants truly sent us into an apocalyptic mood (thanks for some sleepless nights), there was a handful that really surprised and inspired us. We do know that we´ve been letting you all wait for far too long. So grab a bag of popcorn and a drink and let us announce the winner of our Apocalypse-contest.

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Week 4 – Marilyn Monroe

From last week´s natural scientist and great observer Charles Darwin to this week´s person for our challenge, it may seem a long way- yet it´s just a week. Let´s put our hands together for an actress, a singer, a model and a film producer.

Welcome Norma Jeane

Human being of the week for #SiPgoes53 was born as Norma Jeane Mortensen in 1962. Many will know her baptismal name, Baker, better. And probably everyone will know her as Marilyn Monroe.

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Cars and waters

Classic Cars and where to go to

We have already posted some articles about SiP’s photoshootings of LEGO’s classic Creator Expert cars. Today I’d like to share with you the look through my viewfinder. There may be many ways to approach “the next” photo project.
One simple idea is that it’s all about a vision.

You have an object.
You imagine a scenery where you see this object.
You think of a certain atmosphere, a mood.

And then it is all about finding the right location

Misadventures on a photo assigment

I’m not into cars.
For me, a car is mainly a utility object and not something I find particularly interesting to look at. If there’s one type of car I still find remotely beautiful, it’s the old and classic ones though.

So, when we got the assignment from LEGO to photograph the Creator Expert cars, I wasn’t too thrilled. The only Creator cars I didn’t own were the ones I found the least interesting. And those that fit the least in the Finnish Wilderness. Like the Aston Martin.
Nevertheless, I decided to finally build my VW Camper Van (which I bought more than 2 years ago…) and join the project.

Photographing it was one of the most difficult photographic exercises I’ve ever done. Not only for me but for my subject too.

Here are the (mis)adventures of my camper van…

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