Spring is in the air

We like our BrickHeadz. We loved them since they were first announced on the RLFM days in 2017 when travel was the most normal thing in the world. And we took our SigHeadz along to Paris the year after. You can even find photo proof of yours truly laying on the ground in front of the LEGO store shooting his sigfig Brickhead. And then they kind of found their place on my desk. Not forgotten, yet not so prominent in the day to day bag of toys we travel with. So when LEGO asked us to review the latest BrickPetz it is only fair to say not everyone in the crew jumped up and down to take these Petz in front of their lens.

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Sesame Street

With all the craze around the latest LEGO Ideas Winnie The Pooh set (read the press release here, and Natasja’s first impressions here) one would almost forget the amazing LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street set that was released only in November of last year.

Stefan and Boris got the pleasure of shooting it for LEGO.
And now you can find the full series they did in our stuck in plastic gallery for you all to enjoy. And we even give away one professionally printed art piece to one lucky Sesame Street fan (so do read on).

But first let us share some of the fun and thoughts our two young-hearted photogs had when shooting this set.

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It’s A Small World with David Gilliver

Recently Bevvypix asked our Feature Friday guest if he would like to tell us all about his toy photography. And without hesitation David said yes. Bev was introduced to his work whilst studying her MA in Photography. Although she specifically use Lego in her images, she was interested to know there are other types of toy photographers out there, all creating little universes and highlighting environmental issues in different ways.

Without further avail, let us introduce the Miniature Worlds and creative Toy Photography of published artist David Gilliver.

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Guess Who’s Come To Play, Part 1

Raising The Curtain

LEGO Ideas strikes again! Today they announced the upcoming release of their latest creation. A set by fan designer Ben Alder. In this post we’ll share with you the press release text by the LEGO Group. In our next post we’ll share with you the review by Natasja. Here’s what TLG has to share with you:

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Highway out the Comfort Zone

Would you like to review a lego set?” he asked.
“Oh yes please!” I say with my greedy little hands held out.
“It’s a car” he says.
“Oh” says I.
My knowledge of cars begins and ends with “four wheels, brum brum” so to shoot the new Lego Porsche 911 was more than a little daunting. Once the box arrived though that stress (momentarily) vanished. Even if you know nothing about cars, having the box in hand, you can’t fail to be a little in awe of the sleek design.

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Flattery or Paid Work

Recently, here at Stuck in Plastic, we discussed the concern of commercial usage of our photos on platforms such as IG. This sparked a conversation about the artistic licensing of photographs – “Can anyone just use your photographs or content?” And for which target groups is it okay and which target groups is not okay?

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A new little project for twenty one

Twenty twenty is well behind us. 

We said goodbye to SiPgoesTT in silence, and took a deep dive into our first Winter Workshop. With the Spring Workshop being fully booked in less as twenty four hours.
Yet we never shared with you our new project we have for this year. 

No monthly theme or weekly word has been on the blog in January and February.

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The SiP Spring Workshop Registration is here

Yep. It is time to get the registration going for our second workshop of twenty one. The SiP Spring Workshop. This year we decided to organize four virtual toy photography workshops with 16 participants each from all over the world (update: we are fully booked)

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The Party of the Decade

The party day has finally arrived for the residents of NINJAGO City. Master Lloyd, along with his friends, prepare for the big celebration and the secret ninja warriors get ready for the party of the decade.

Gathering all the props was an easy task for Karine. The party of the decade was about to commence and there was much excitement in the air.

Karine gathers the props
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