The Culture of Bricks

When I began interacting with the AFOL community in 2012  online and at shows, I noticed that there was an established belief among many fans that building is the only valid use of LEGO bricks, or at least the most valid one. To me it almost felt like a class system, with ‘builders’ at the top and ‘collectors’ lower down (and ‘resellers’ deep down in the pit of Hades). From where I sat I could see many other kinds of AFOL, like my British friends Caroline and Nick who both left their jobs to run their own business designing custom mini figures or the Canadian artist Chris McVeigh who blended his superb building skills with exquisite photography and design, presenting it all neatly online via his website and social media. With the rise in popularity of ‘geek culture’ within society at large it felt like there was a new breed of AFOL emerging; unashamed of playing with a kid’s toy and keen to build upon the more established conventions, like building and displaying models, to delve deeper into different and new aspects of the hobby. Continue reading “The Culture of Bricks”

Object a Void Dance

I have always been, as much as I can remember, a person that receives words in a very literal way. Were I younger, I would say, I’m literal to a fault. However, time having passed, I’ve learned (almost) well enough to allow for some figurativeness in how I process words. (All the time. Assume everything is figurative. It’s the only way to survive.) When I read about the recent photography exercise on the Stuck in Plastic blog I was really excited to participate. It spoke to me in a very literal way. (Or I interpreted it in a very literal way, again, always.) Continue reading “Object a Void Dance”

Why do I do what I do?

Why do I do what I do?

I just want to thank Shelly for inviting me to contribute to this blog to do a piece on how and why I got involved in toy photography. I feel a little bit like an imposter writing this because I haven’t been doing it for that long. However, in that short time, I’ve had my eyes well and truly opened to the exciting world of ‘Legography’. Continue reading “Why do I do what I do?”


Jantmanuary instagram challenge

Instagram is no stranger to challenges.  Some are organized events that take place once a week/month while others come on like a covert operation with secret instant-messages, planning and coordinated drop times that end up becoming an inside joke to a select few.  These challenges are a key cog in the comradery that makes Instagram a special place for artists. Continue reading “#jANTMANuary”

where to draw the line?

not long ago, i received a flickr mail, inviting me to submit some of my minifigure photos to a photo competition. initially, i was flattered. after all, who doesn’t love that feeling of belonging that accompanies being invited over to play? plus, it meant that the person inviting me had noticed some of my photos (even tho’ they’ve been few and far between of late) and that’s good, right? so, i found myself purring like a happy kitten. Continue reading “where to draw the line?”

Photography is a Road Trip

I’m not one to share work-in-progress pics, preferring instead to focus on the final result. A side effect of this strategy is that people may assume photography is somewhat effortless for me. That’s simply not the case.
This is a comparison of my first test shot and the final photo for “Are you still there?” In between, there are 77 additional images. Continue reading “Photography is a Road Trip”

What Happens in Vaxholm, Stays in Vaxholm …

Suddenly, Boris (the man behind Me2) shouted ”Look what I found! Is this my lucky day? Who lost his Iphone?”. I started touching my pockets, it was mine, my iphone! It fell out of my jacket while I was laying on the floor shooting a picture of my C3PO and R2D2, totally absorbed trying to get the best backlight I could at 5.30 in the morning on a little beach near an old military castle. Last time I lost a phone it was 5.30 in the morning and I was having a great time too, but I was a little drunk and getting out of a disco with my friends about 12 years ago (that time I didn’t get the phone back!). Continue reading “What Happens in Vaxholm, Stays in Vaxholm …”