The Fungi Times

Every workshop we set out to create a story with the whole group. We don’t know where the story will take us. We just know we have sixteen odd creatives, a basic set of characters to work with, and sixty minutes to complete it. So when we kicked off Fungi Times (the title was set), …

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SiP card exchange 2021

Summer is just about to end in the northern hemisphere and we are waiting for our Autumn workshop next month. Yet at the same time, we are already looking towards winter, Christmas … and our annual card exchange. Even though Christmas is more than three months away, we have already started preparing this year’s card …

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It has been a while. I have to admit. Not me neglecting the blog, that is tradition and comes in waves (more on that later). No, instant fun when shooting LEGO. Just out and about snapping fun images in the wild.No previsualizations.And no advanced planning.No planned UGC shoots with NDA sets either. Just instant fun …

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Last Year Let’s travel back in time. Not too far, just about a year. Back then the pandemic was already a thing. Many people had left their offices to work from home. Events had been cancelled or, where possible, transferred into the digital dimension. So had last year’s Recognized LEGO Fan Media days, too. To …

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The Rabbit Season

It’s that time of year when rabbit-hunting is permitted! As the the season workshop comes to an end again. Or is it Duck season? Rabbit-season typically runs from early November to late February, however some hunters wait and on this occasion, after Daffy has convinced Elmer that it is in fact rabbit season, he sets …

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It is Looney Tunes Times

The latest CMF (Collectible Minifigure Series) that LEGO is about to unleash on the world is a toy photographers dream (at least if you like classic American Cartoons) and features the all-star crew of the immensely popular Looney Tunes cartoon series. Looney Tunes is almost 100 years old and started in 1930 as a competition …

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