The Quest for the Easter Eggs

Let me tell the story of when the world almost came to an end due to the lack of chocolate eggs for Easter.

Rustlefeet the Hedgehog (Natasja)

Once upon a time, SmashMouse was playing with a big Easter egg and broke it accidentally. The egg was shattered into multiple parts that were scattered all around the world.

SmashMouse (Jennifer)

I was there and saw it happen. I sent messages all around the world so that local heroes could help us collect the pieces… and hopefully, save the world so that we wouldn’t starve on Easter without our chocolate. And so the epic quest of our time began.

Rustlefeet the Hedgehog (Natasja)

As Kai-Uwe was living close to Natasja, he was the first to receive his letter. Up in a tree he spotted a silver fracture of the giant egg. With his enormous throwing skills, he sent the egg off into the sky, leaving a pink trail…

Kai-Uwe (Stefan)
Kai-Uwe (Stefan)
Kai-Uwe (Stefan)

Babou received a letter with a gift of nail polish to convince him to join the quest for the Easter egg. After battling hundreds of villains, he found the missing egg piece and sent it back using his magic powder.

Babou (Sarah)
Babou (Sarah)

Amethyst was enjoying the sunny day in the Gem Kingdom when she received an urgent message from SmashMouse. A piece of the egg had landed in her kingdom and this needed to be found to rebuild the egg. Others in other kingdoms were also on the same mission to restore the chocolate egg. Where should she start exploring? Maybe within the Gem fields? She set out on her quest to find the piece and send it to Micki to save the chocolate egg. After searching the fields and finding a few local treasures, she discovered a large shiny silver piece that did not belong in the gem fields. What could this be? IT WAS THE CHOCOLATE piece!!! In a hurry, she dug up the piece using her sword and sent it onto Micki. “Had the others also found their pieces?” she wondered before going about the rest of the sunny afternoon.

Amethyst Spire (Claudia)
Amethyst Spire (Claudia)

After receiving his letter, Tom found a big white brick and struck it with an arrow.

Tom (Filip)
Tom (Filip)
Tom (Filip)

The Chameleon Warrior was looking for the missing egg pieces in the chrome magical cave, with the unfolded envelope on the ground, with the revealed map!

The Chameleon Warrior (Dennis)

Ocheeva found the egg with the help of her trusty raptor pet. She sent the egg to Micki by sending the mother T-Rex as a pigeon post.

Ocheeva (Maëlick)

Kiki-Jiki had received the help call and he adventured himself into a mountain site tunnel to find the egg missing piece lost at his underground world, and send it back to where it belongs.

Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)
Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)
Kiki-Jiki (Jorlis and Julian)

General Ericius was ready to settle down to retire when he received an important letter in the post. It’s time for battle again as he heads out to reclaim his piece of egg from the evil army of chicks.

General Ericius (Chris)
General Ericius (Chris)

Ziggy found out that there was a missing piece in a bird’s nest and had to find the right piece between the real eggs. He then sent the egg by butterfly to Micki.

Ziggy the Orc Mouse (Tjaard)
Ziggy the Orc Mouse (Tjaard)

Dumphrey eagerly set out to find his missing egg. Journeying deep into the forest, it’s nowhere to be seen. He almost loses hope that he will ever find it. Until with a cry, he spies it nestled in the undergrowth.

Dumphrey (Mike)

Undenounced to everyone, Tussi, who had a special grudge against one of the heroes, also received a letter. He learned exactly how the team was planning to fix the Easter egg. When the egg was almost complete, Tussi tried to sabotage the mission. He created a special bomb to try to damage the Easter egg.

Tussi (Suné)

Fortunately, Micki saved the day using her illusionist skills to restore the chocolate egg pieces.

Micki (Sophie)
Micki (Sophie)
Micki (Sophie)

Finally, Be_varrrle placed the egg back in its rightful place and sang a song to let everyone know it is safely back.

Be_varrrle (Bev)

With A Little Help from my Friends

As Stuck in Plastic’s virtual #sipspringworkshop2021 is about to kick off. It brought great sadness to @bevvypix, as she remembered the last workshop. You see, she had a chance to do some photographic commercial work and she really needed the work. So, she had to make a decision to give up her place on the workshop. 

That being said, she knew that although she had to work. She cheekily decided to try and get the crew to send her an envelope package anyway. She just knew, all the participant was going to receive a welcomed surprise filled with goodies to complete the workshop tasks.

Unable to attend the #sipspringworkshop2021

Interestingly, the element the impending surprise and not knowing what was inside the packages created much excitement, especially within the group of participants. As a spectator, all bevvypix could do was watch as the envelopes arrived to the different people. 

She knew they were going to have an amazing time, full of fun.

An Uncollected Package Arrives in Finland

Upon hearing the news that Maelick hadn’t collected his package from his local post office in Finland. This triggered off an idea, and bevvypix immediately thought of a plan to intercept his envelope. In order to do this, she would have to create a fake ID and the potential use of a Lego mini figure, meant she was able to create a representative of Maelick and perhaps get away with imposter syndrome.

But then she faced a slight problem, travel from the UK was with its limitations and her ability to get to Finland was now not an option. She was doomed, how on Earth can she now intercept the package all the way from Wales? 

Then surprisingly in conversation, she remembered someone mentioned about the Flash. Ahhha! now that’s just what Bevvypix needed, someone who could rush in and out in a flash.

She relied on her negotiation skills and asked the Flash to join her as a partner in crime. The flash would be able to move super quick, even the snowflakes wouldn’t have time to land.

To Finland in a Flash

In a Flash

As Bevvypix waited patiently on the corner of Main Street for the Flash to return. It suddenly dawned on her. After a conversation in which Natasja aka @by_a.n.n.a had mentioned that she would like to visit Finland with bevvypix, it later became evident that could this be Natasja holding the stolen valuable package?

Having prepared the journey from Denmark across the snowy landscape of Finland, The Flash grabbed the envelope, and no one noticed. It was a genius idea. No one would suspect anything.

When the Flash arrived in the UK, bevvypix was stood waiting by Her Majesties Royal Mail Post Box so not to give the game away. But then, she became consumed by guilt, what had they done? Stealing Maelick’s envelope meant that he was going to also be unable to join in the fun and that was certainly a crime against SiP. 

Who can this be?

Both Bevvypix and The Flash decided it was best to return the package to its rightful owner and hoped that Maelick hadn’t been to collect it beforehand. However, the flash did leave another package instead with bevvypix.

Superheroes in Progress

Now that Bevvypix was aware she was going to have to trigger a plan B. There was no way she was going to get an envelope without help. Even thou she had every confidence that Stuck in Plastic would have sent something even thou they knew she couldn’t attend.

With a little help from my friends

She called on whom she believed to be a group of superheroes to help her quest to find #wheresbevvyspackage. In fact, the characteristics of the Flash was making her begin to question if it was the Sip crew in disguise? Perhaps she will never know, or will she find out in due course? 

Wait ‘Till ya get a load of Me

After a recent photoshoot with Deadpool, she had mentioned her despair over not being able to attend the Spring 21 workshop and he offered to help her. Thinking back now, she remembers him speaking something in French, but she thought nothing of it at the time. 

They walked over to the post box and in true Deadpool fashion, he put his hand inside the gap to reach for the envelopes. In an attempt to retrieve an envelope addressed to Bevvypix, he forced his arm in further, then his arm got stuck.

At the time, he was taking about Panda’s, maybe this was some sort of a distraction? This confused Bevvypix as she thought pandas were irrelevant on this occasion. Looking back, was that Julien aka @Ballou inside that red suit?

Stuck in Plastic

All of a sudden, he shouted, “Oh La La” and upon releasing his arm, Bevvypix notice that his limb had become trapped and fell off. This wasn’t a problem for Deadpool, if you have watched the movies then you would know he can regenerate his limbs and as another lockdown was looming, seemed like the best time. At this point he decided to hand the envelope retrieval over to Venom.

With a little Help from my Friends

Originally Venom was known to enjoy the dark side, but recently he wanted to help others and today was the day. Although Royal Mail post boxes are secured solid to the ground and it would be impossible to lift them and at the same time a crime to steal post or tamper with the boxes. Venom showed no mercy and that dark side was still visible. 

Not letting on, he thought, if he could get his envelope out of the box before it was delivered to his address. Perhaps he could genetically clone it using a superpower code. And then, Bevvypix would have a duplicated version of the real thing.  He was talking as he rattled the heavy metal box. However, this was no ordinary accent. It sounded more like it was from a place near Manchester. Indeed, it sounded closer to a British accent. Was this Chris aka @chrisrosephoto … ???

Help from the dark side

Bevvypix was aware he loved Star Wars, but she never contemplated he would ever turn to the dark side.  On the contrary, a pattern was beginning to emerge. These superheroes that were helping, are becoming all too familiar. However, Bevvypix was never going to know who it was behind the mask, she could only hazard a guess.

Every Superhero need a Captain

With Deadpool and Venom failing to break into the post box. The commotion caught the attention of Captain America. Upon his arrival, it was evident that Bevvypix had heard this accent before. Bevvypix was confident this could potential be Boris aka @_Me2_ a true leader and a defender of a good causes. 

In order to help, the only thing to do was use Thors hammer. He had rescued it from the clutches of evil and was in the process of returning it to its rightful owner. He had also just saved Planet earth from impending doom.

Captain America?

As a matter of fact, as strong as the hammer was, it couldn’t penetrate through. Indeed, the hard structure was impenetrable. As he smashed against the metal with such force. The red paint exploded into the air and then … Appearing from the letter opening something fell out. Was this the envelope that Bevvypix had longed for?

A Message to Gothamburg City

With the disappointment starting to flow through Bevvypix, she was about to give up. How can this be, all the superheroes help and not even her envelope remotely in her sight. It was time to call on the Batman. 

Without further ado, bevvypix released the famous bat signal and waited for a response. She knew that Gothamburg City was far away. Could this cry for help be possible, could the Batman deliver the envelope addressed to Bevvypix and put her out of her misery.

Her call was answered and through the darkness of night, the dark knight appeared holding what seemed to be a package. As he approached, he was holding out the envelope, but Bevvypix knew somehow this couldn’t be her package, everyone else had failed with the delivery. She heard Batman saying “ist das deins Bevvypix.”  

All the way from Gothamburg City

In light of these words, she realised that the Batman sounded a lot like Stefan aka @herrsm He had come to save the day. As he got closer, it was sadly not Bevvypix’s workshop package. However, it was a different type of package. “Offnen Sie nicht bis zu Ihrem Geburtstag”  Batman said. What did this mean?

Spidey Senses

Out of nowhere, then appeared Spiderman holding an envelope. To be honest he was waving it in front of her face and teasing her. Indeed, it was not bevvypix’s envelope, but he had heard that his package was taken some two weeks prior to the workshop and his Spidey senses guessed it must have been Bevvypix.

After collecting his envelope from the Finnish Post office, his Spidey senses were drawing him to the culprit. Now, and this was only another guess but is that you Maelick aka @maelickinthenorth

Have you finished?

Then he disappeared leaving only an envelope full of photographs from the workshop that he had captured. The envelope felt cold and that was when Bevvypix realised there is only one person with cold snow at the moment and it must have been Maelick.

No Joking

The whole situation was making Bevvypix wonder if the crew were playing tricks on her. Furthermore, and to top it off, the Joker arrived with his humorous sidekick Miss Harleen Quinzel. Having got word that Bevvypix was waiting to find her package. They arrived waving around a package/envelope. Not to mention a baseball bat that was stopping Bevvypix from approaching Mr J. At first, she thought Harley was Karine aka @eatmybones in fancy dress, but then she knew different because Karine was way too busy to joke around.

The corresponding address was out of her visual, all the Bevvypix could see was a similar envelope to what she was looking for. And off they went, taking the envelope with them. 

The Joker’s laughter scrawled across the Street as a constant reminder that  Bevvypix was not going to find her package. She had put up a good search but sadly to no avail. By the same token, she knew she had tried and failed her mission. In spite of this, she knew the workshop was going to be a good one. Afterall she had photographs to look back on when she was allowed to open the envelope.

Playing a joke

By Order of The Peaky Blinders

With the intention to give up her quest and admit defeat. All the Superheroes dispersed and went on to continue helping others and Bevvypix was left wondering about the May Workshop that she was definitely attending, was she going to receive a package.

Then from nowhere, she heard voices shouting, “By Order of the Peaky Blinders, Bevvypix here is your package.” Slightly confused Bevvypix reached out for her envelope, it had her name written on the front and they ordered her to not open it before her birthday, just days before the workshop. 

Notably, these may not be your typical Superheroes, Indeed far from that particular characterisation.  However, they looked familiar, more to the point she actually now thinks that they were her boys dressed interpreting The Peaky Blinders. And if it was them, they did a really good impression. In order to trick her, they had hidden the envelope in a secret location and then placed a bet that she would search for it. 

By order of the Peaky Blinders

You’ve Got Mail

All things considered the adventure and search continued for the potential workshop envelope, well at least May’s delivery.

In the meantime, Bevvypix anticipates the excitement ahead of opening Batman’s package. Whatever is inside she knows it was so kind to think of her and for that she is truly thankful. And recently she has received further packages, will she be able to open them before they self destruct.

Bevvypix will be sure to follow the Spring workshop on Saturday 3rd April 2021. You can also join the SiP crew and Friends by following #sipspringworkshop2021 and maybe next time you can also join in the fun. Those of you who are attending, have an amazing creative time and I look forward to seeing the results.

And a few packages arrived to Bevvypix

Diolch (Welsh for Thank You) 

Bev x

From Us To You

Dear All

A most interesting year is coming to an end. It has been extraordinary in many ways. To some, it was a very busy year. Most everyone will have had to change their plans more than once. Others may say it has been a slowed down year with a low pace, less work (or none), and way too much social distance. We are all hoping for twenty-one to come along with more safety, more health, and more freedom than twenty did.

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SiP Card Exchange 2020

Christmas card exchange 2020

Summer is definitively gone and autumn has brought some rain and cold weather, even in the south of France. At this time of the year, I’m looking forward to Christmas (baking some Christmas cookies, reading my postcards, next to the open fire with a hot chocolate, etc).

Sadly, Christmas is in three months. It’s a long time from now, but not so much if I’m thinking of preparing my postcard for this year SiP Card Exchange.

Because we will do a card exchange this year, of course, we do!
When Boris asked innocently last week “do we do the card exchange this year?”, we ALL nodded with enthusiasm! After two years of participating in it, it’s for me a new tradition to add to my perfect Christmas.

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SiPGoesVirtual 2020 – An Editorial Review

We were supposed to be in Tallinn. But this is 2020, and things just haven’t gone according to plan for anyone. And so a new plan was formulated. We were going online. 15 intrepid photographers forging on this strange world.

ShtacyP has participated in seven SiP Toy Safaris: Hamburg, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Billund, Cambridge, and now Digital!

The similarities between a physical and virtual safari

It was always going to be different from our regular toy safaris. No holding of reflectors or lights for other people. No print exchange. And no walking kilometre after kilometre to get to that next spot just 10 minutes away. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t similarities.

We still had (relatively) early morning coffee-fuelled starts (just no scrabbling to find the nearest open Starbucks). We still had safari bingo cards (#WhereIsBoris). And we still got to hang out with old friends and connect with new ones. And amazingly, we were still able to share toys with each other.

The #RainbowPatrol, passing on their favourite things to friends across 3 different time zones.

The differences between a physical and virtual safari

For this online adventure to work we needed structure. In real life safaris, we will plan to go to different locations, but largely we’ll meander across town playing it by ear, and the photos we take will just kind of, happen. This time though we had been set a series of wonderful challenges by our fearless leaders.

We had photo prompts, narratives to create, and we worked all together, in breakout groups, and individually. Shooting against the clock, so that the newspapers (Planet and Prophet) could hit their print deadlines! To make our deliverables it meant thinking fast, communicating effectively, collaborating (all those good corporate words, right Ian?) It was at times a little frantic, sometimes stressful, but hey, we were playing with our toys, how stressed out could we really get?!

ShtacyP, known for her ability to spin a yarn and tell a story about the most inanimate of rocks, became Editor-in-Chief, wrangling the outputs of her wonderful team of photographers and reporters into coherent (if laughable) stories, worthy of being printed in one of the many publications ran by Green Lantern.

Taking photos

One of my favourite things about safaris is watching how people create their photos, and then seeing them post the photos weeks later and understanding the story of how that photo came to be, where the light was coming from, why the photographer was in that weird position on the floor.

But this time around, the structure meant that photos were produced, edited, and shared almost instantaneously. We could see each other’s photos as quickly as they could be uploaded onto Google Drive (not that any of us snooped in the other teams’ folders of course…).

This process wasn’t any worse, just different. It still worked as a learning experience. Webcams were often left on whilst artists snapped away just out of shot. Tricks and tips were still shared. As were screens: “Do you like this edit better, or this one?” Every day is a school day.

The goody bag

In preparation for the weekend’s activities we all (well, depending on your country’s postal service) received very special packages in the days before the safari. Cruelly though we had to wait to open them. Those packages sat in our offices, on our desks, hidden away in cupboards, just asking to be played with.

Temptations were successfully resisted and as soon as we were allowed to rip them open and reveal the secret contents of the bags, we were off into the first of our challenges! The goodies found inside gave us some common threads that would help us tell our stories. Plus, we had been given hints about what sorts of pieces would be appropriate to pack for the safari, things that would help draw our creative outputs together.


By the time Sunday afternoon came around, we had completed all our challenges. We had written our stories, the personal ones, and the collective ones. We had created incredible things, photos, and memories. Things that will be immortalised in hardback, should we want a memento of this one-off event. Friendships begun and firmly cemented, we logged off of the meeting, so that we could rest in preparation for our next viral marketing campaign.

Taking it easy like a Sunday afternoon after a toy safari.

As far as I am concerned the #SiPGoesVirtual2020 weekend was a resounding success. Whilst we couldn’t explore the cobbled streets in the medieval Old Town of Tallinn I think we achieved all the things I’ve come to expect as a toy safari veteran. We took photos of toys, we hung out with friends, and we had fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about?!

The SiPgoesVirtual special edition of the Daily Prophet

Remember yesterday, in our special edition of the Daily Planet, we ended up on a cliffhanger with the Yellow Lantern leaving the journal for its parallel universe competitor, the Daily Prophet. Well wewe just happen to have a special edition of the Daily Prophet for today…

The Daily Prophet is getting live reports of an ongoing situation at Azkaban Prison. The known Death Eater and #1 Female Tyrant, Bellatrix Lestrange has staged a breakout. Or has she? We understand that the person believed to be Bellatrix, who has been in lockdown in Azkaban for 7 months now, is in fact, star Hogwarts pupil, Hermione Granger. She has been protesting her innocence ever since and was able to get messages out to the wizarding world via the window in her cell.

Thanks to our special reporter (and editor in chief) @shtacyp

Initially, when people believed the prisoner to be Bellatrix, the suspected mastermind behind the escape was the powerful evil wizard Lord Voldemort. We have since confirmed that Voldemort was spending an easy Sunday morning in his pyjamas, reading his favourite newspaper.

Thanks to our special reporter @ballou34

Our sources claim that Hermione Granger was accidentally under the influence of polyjuice potion. She made the potion herself, a simple task for such an accomplished wizard, but the potion was intended for someone else.

Thanks to our special reporter @bevvypix

In an incident in the Gryffindor common room, Neville Longbottom clumsily tripped over, splashing polyjuice potion in Hermione’s face.

Thanks to our special reporter@sophiefigs

The whole operation almost came to a standstill however, key character Moaning Myrtle got stuck in the toilet! Attempting to pass on a message to Harry Potter (who she is also in love with), Myrtle got stuck in the pipes.

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The SiPgoesVirtual special edition of the Daily Planet

The Green Lantern has taken over as the Chief Editor of the Daily Planet this week. Having had successful spells at LEGO News, Brain Times, and the Gotham Gazette, he hopes he can bring some of his signature wit to his new newspaper.

Thanks to our special reporter (and editor in chief) @shtacyp

And there is more trouble ahead in the DC Universe. Mister Miracle wants to move to Fabuland City. But before he’s allowed in, he has to prove his incredible escapologist powers to the Major and Sheriff of the city. Will he make it and become the next citizen?

Thanks to our special reporter@_me2_

Other than Mister Miracle, Star Girl is already living in Fabuland City. Upon her arrival, she picked up the duty of lighting the stars above the city every night. So far the citizens are impressed and in love with her skills.

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SiP Goes On Safari 2020- Online Edition

The Story So Far

After yet another unforgettable toy photo safari in Denmark last year, happy expectations and joyful anticipations from both old and new friends had been expressed. Yours truly crew got together and figured out possible travel destinations for the 2020 meet-up. After passionate discussions, we agreed on the city of Tallinn in Estonia as our base camp. The rest is history.

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Next stop, Tallinn!

Tallinn SiPgoesTallinn 2020

While kicking off SiPgoesTT, we’ve also been looking to find where (and when) to go for our next toy safari. After debating and disagreeing about locations, we finally decided on Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is not too big, reachable from all around Europe, and after Denmark will certainly feel slightly more affordable.

After two toy safaris at the beginning of the summer, we’ve decided to go back to late summer/early Autumn and meet up on the first weekend of September. Just like the two previous years, we will keep our tradition of (officially) starting on Thursday evening and finishing on Sunday before lunch.

Tallinn SiPgoesTallinn 2020
Edgar has worked hard and studied maps for finding the best location for this year’s safari.

So if you want to spend an epic weekend with us and toy photographers from all around Europe (and who knows, maybe from outside Europe, too?), be sure to mark the dates in your calendar: September 3rd to 6th (2020).

While more details will follow later this year, we have already opened a Facebook group (and a forum here on the blog) for starting the planning and organization of this epic weekend. Whether you are sure to come, or just considering it, don’t be shy, join and be sure to ask any question. Either here in the comment section, on the forum or on Facebook.

Woody and his friends can’t wait to cross the Gulf of Finland. Will you join them?

SiP goes Cape Town

No, Cape Town isn’t the destination of our next toy safari.
It’s the sequel to SiP goes Korea.

More than a year ago, we exhibited our photography in an art gallery in Daejon, South Korea, after Suné sent us a most mysterious email. This time, she asked us to hold a pop-up exhibition in a café, in the city center of her hometown of Cape Town.

And of course, we said yes.
So here we go again.

Two dozens prints from a total of 8 toy photographers will be on display at Crust from February 6th to February 18th and tell some of our stories of 2019.

Two dozen prints carefully selected.
Each image telling its own unique story.
Printed with love on fine art paper.
Wrapped and packed, ready to go to Cape Town.

Boris will fly there (together with the prints).
And just like last year, some of us will join for the grand opening using the magic of the Internet.
And you are invited.
Online or in-person at the grand opening in Cape Town on the 6th of February at 18:00. The opening is part of Cape Town’s famous First Thursdays series and so there will be plenty to see, including toy photography this time.

Right now the crew is selecting their twenty-four images and making sure no dust is to be seen…

PS. Here is the FB event. Feel free to join or forward to people you known in Cape Town.
PPS. And if you are a toy photographer (or always wanted to be one) and are living in Cape Town, let us know and we love to meet up before, during or after the show.