Join Our Garden Wilderness Trail

Strange Times

By now every one of us should be aware of the special situation that has swept across the globe. And due to this, we are being asked to stay at home and apply social distancing. This period of isolation is necessary to help us stop the spread of the virus, just like washing your hands.

To some, social distancing means that you are home with your children and wondering how to keep them entertained. And at best to teach them a few things along the road.
So why not encourage them to go outdoors and connect with nature wherever possible?
They can do this by exploring their own garden, using some LEGO minifigures, just like Wendy explored her garden. If you are not allowed outside (which is happening in quite some countries), they may at least explore the plants you may have in your apartment to connect with nature.

Some of you may remember I wrote a blog about John Muir for our good friends over at Those of you who are not familiar with this inspirational man can read all about him by visiting the TP (or this Wikipedia article).

Our Garden Wilderness John Muir Inspired Trail begins

John Muir led an interesting and eventful life, full of notable achievements. He was an explorer, a mountaineer, a botanist, a conservationist, and a writer. Most famously, he was an explorer of wild places. He developed a passion for the great wide open, which led him on a life long quest to protect them. His work caught the attention of influential people and he produced a considerable body of written work. This work continues to inspire many of us today.

Bevvypix gives John Muir a helping hand in Discovering, Exploring, Conserving and Sharing

Since learning about John Muir, I gained the John Muir Discovery Award in which I dedicated 30 hours to complete the following four challenges. This inspired and enabled me to develop a better understanding about the beauty of nature and everything it provides, such as food, clean water, spaces to relax and de-stress; but also benefits of fresh air, carbon storage and fuel to maintain our lives. We are asked to stay home during these times of unpredictability. However, it will become evident that minimal footfall will help replenish nature and in return it will be waiting for us to visit and enjoy our wild places once again.

The John Muir Award Consists of Four Challenges:

The John Muir Trust was set up to help protect wild spaces. The award consists of three levels and all that you are asked to do is commit to a minimum of time and meet the four challenges – Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. However, we can all get involved, so whether you are new to toy photography or simply up for a challenge, join in and let us leave a lasting imprint not only on nature, but also along the way we can share our experiences and inspire others.

Discover a Wild Place

Create your own minifigure. Then use your minifigure to help you discover something new in your home garden landscape. Being so small will allow you to gain a new perspective, there will be lots of things you may not have discovered yet.

Identify something interesting in your garden

Explore It

See what you can find by exploring your micro landscapes. You could look under rocks, analyse flowers and leaves. Perhaps collect some items to make a collage and bring the outside, inside.

John Muir exploring the micro landscape

Conserve It

Do something to conserve it and take responsibility. Perhaps you could do some garden maintenance or plant a vegetable patch. You may be able to plant a tree, build a LEGO treehouse or even hug a tree. Keep a lookout for wildlife and encourage hedgehogs to visit, as they emerge from hibernation.

Conserving nature will bring new tidings

And Share It

Bevvypix is grateful to Stuck in Plastic for allowing me to share this little journey into wilderness with you, and John Muir’s family, of this I am sure, will be watching this adventure. At a time when we need to look out for one another Stay Home, Stay Safe. In the meantime why not share your experiences and use your imagination because “The power of imagination makes us infinite” -John Muir.

Bevvypix helping John Muir plant some trees

Use the hashtag #SiPgoesJohnMuirTrail to share your images and join the adventure into the garden wilderness.


Contest Closed

Some weeks ago we asked you to join a little contest. We wanted to see your version of a FIAT500 in front of/next to/on top of your favorite landmark. The car itself didn’t have to be the real deal. The original from 1957. Neither one of the LEGO Creator Expert that hit the shelves recently.
You could just build one yourself (preferred out of your favorite bricks, called LEGO).


Some of you let their imagination and MOCing skills run wild and free.
Until the deadline, there were eighty-five images all in all.
That number is quite impressive on its own.
Some of you went outside to shoot their models in the wild, others had to stay at home with their imagination- and some more bricks to add a surrounding.
At this point, we would like to thank each and every one of you for joining in the fun and taking your chances.
You all did a great job!

The Hardest Part

The tricky bit was now on us.
Believe me, it wasn’t an easy task picking only two winners for a new 10271 LEGO Expert Creator FIAT Cinquecento. Passionate discussions and new discoveries in every picture gave us two sleepless nights. But we had to make a decision.

With a heavy heart, we ended up agreeing on two favorites and two honorable mentions. Without further ado, let us share with you the honorable mentions.

Martin and Sprockövel

Martin on his way to his hometown Sprockövel…

Denmark’s highest cheese?!

Okay! Did you know we have a mountain in Denmark? Well… we have “Himmelbjerget” (= sky mountain), this mountain is wooping 147 meters tall! I know! It is crazy! One-hundred-and-forty-Seven !
Oh, then there is the cheese! Buko with shrimps, a delicate bite of cheese!

Okay! I hope this put a smile on your face, Because that what we need these days.

Sacha joined our special cheese challenge, Natasja kicked off, and she took this blue one with style.

And the winners are…


Astrid aka hey.light on her way to Italy; at least that’s what we saw here with the Azzurro in the background… and all the epic artefacts she took from her favorite landmarks.

TaDaaaaa- here comes my little homemade Fiat500 – and of course we are on our way to the sea … to Italy … with everything you could need …and maybe even a tiny bit too much luggage … in these times #stayathome this is my way of traveling … in the land of unlimited possibilities, my imagination

We hope that the Italian police were as impressed by her driving skills as we are with her picture. Otherwise, we’re afraid of her driving license…


And here’s Matthew, aka Steelermatt who went to Stonehenge AND  the Netherlands as well to just name two of his three destinations.

The Fiat is based on a couple of mocs I saw online and the available parts I had. I wanted to try something different so I created a picture frame to frame the car then tried to show a Holland 🇳🇱 themed surroundings with a windmill, canal and tulips. Enjoyed the experience of building with limited parts and also using those bricks at the bottom of my Lego boxes

Congrats to these four!

Please, send us your addresses by DM on Instagram.
Matthew and Astrid will both receive their new yellow icons, while Sacha and Martin will receive a little surprise in their mailbox.

Thank You

One more time, thank you everyone for joining in on the fun.
Keep building and snapping, stay home and stay safe.
And don’t forget to wash your hands.

The Italian Job

Some Weeks Ago…

Submissions for the #SiPgoesCinquecento are in and wre still debating about our very TWO favourites. Results should be here tomorrow. In order to make the waiting more bearable, here´s a related article to water your mouth a little more. A littel earlier this year Chris had the pleasure of taking the latest Creator Expert Car for a test drive. Here’s his side of the story:

An Italian Job In The UK

It’s that time again – another Creator Car release. This time it’s another classic – the Fiat 500 – a symbol of effortlessly cool Italian style. My assignment for Stuck in Plastic wasn’t going to be an easy one: How to show off that kind of style on the streets of a northern UK town.

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Time to hit the reset button.
Not on twenty twenty, but on our little project we are running here in twenty twenty.
As you may remember we started the year off with the SiP goes Twenty Twenty post and embarked on exploring some creative techniques. We got off with some light reading on composition and moved on to the holy trinity of exposure.
We were working on the 101 of lighting techniques when it hit us (pun intended).
This is not working.
It is not us.
And this is too much technique.
And not enough fun.
Not enough creative exploration from the gut.
Following the heart.
Being inspired by what is surrounding us.
And so we hit the reset button on SiPgoesTT.

Getting ready to hit the reset button …
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Is this just Fanta Sea

After Wendy’s Garden we got our second review in of the new LEGO CMF Series Twenty. This time from Bert aka Brickmione who shared the idea behind Is this just Fanta Sea with us.

The idea

The idea came up during diner. Corona-weekend means that the children are allowed a little more than usual. The oldest daughter found some Fanta in the cupboard. She wanted to try it while I thought she doesn’t even like it. But then this meme came into my mind.  

Is this the real life? Is this just Fanta sea? 

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Wendy’s Garden

We recently asked you if you were interested in doing a photographic review of the brand new minifigure series on Instagram and your response was overwhelming. Over 100 responses in just a short while. And our young of heart and innocent hand-selected not one, not two, but fourteen toy photographers to partake in this crowd review. We packaged the envelopes. And we shipped all this awesomeness to the photographer’s home address. And now the first packages have arrived…

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Notes From The Road- A Reminder

My oh my, so many new LEGO sets and awesomness has been released recently or is just about to. 

Got A Camera Close At Hand?

Two weeks ago we told you of our first hands keys-on of the new 10271 Creator Expert FIAT nuova 500, remember? We told you how much we fell in love. And we also told you that we´re giving away two copies of this yellow Italian marvel of engineering art straight from Billund. 

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Twenty. A first impression

Today LEGO announced officially the new series twenty and celebrates 10 years of the LEGO minifigure series with a brand new series 20. We got our hands on a box full of minifigure goodness and we will be sharing our first impression here and look for toy photographers who want to review their favorite minifigure for us. Read on.

But first, what is in the box?

You all by now have seen the announcements of LEGO and the detailed box art of the series twenty, and we will be sharing our first impressions with a photographer’s eye. But we can confirm there are 3 full series in the box.

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Celebrating 4 years of LEGO Pirate Photography with the Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Today is a special day.
The new LEGO Ideas set, the Pirates of Barracuda Bay, is publicly revealed.

But Sunday, I noticed it’s even more special to me.

For the past 10 days, I’ve been playing with the new Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO Ideas set, taking pictures for LEGO. All this in secret. This has been a very special project for me as I have a special relationship with pirates.

And today, on the day I can finally talk about it, it also appears it is the 4th anniversary of one of my favorite photos. The One that changed everything.

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