Flattery or Paid Work

Recently, here at Stuck in Plastic, we discussed the concern of commercial usage of our photos on platforms such as IG. This sparked a conversation about the artistic licensing of photographs – “Can anyone just use your photographs or content?” And for which target groups is it okay and which target groups is not okay?

Artists with Heart & Soul

As an artist, you are always busy thinking about producing unique images to showcase your creativity. These thoughts often push your imagination to places deep within you. A key point to consider, in order for an artist to create a piece of work, he/she spends valuable time researching his/her subject matter. They purchase extra attributes and invest in specialised programs to assist editing techniques. Some photographers even spend years studying the art of photography. It goes without saying. The production of one photo contains without a doubt, all of our heart and soul!

Our heart and soul goes into creating all our photographs.

At the same time, as an artist, you also want to share what you have created. Suggesting that you are extremely proud of the work or you may want to project a certain feeling or a statement, or you might want to highlight social and economical issues connected to everyday life.

You may want to put them on display. For example, you could print your images onto photographic paper or a canvas. Alternatively, you could think about hosting an exhibition. Nowadays, there is a ubiquity to photographs seen on the internet. This sea of images shown on SoMe platforms has become a chosen favourite option for many creatives. Whatever you decide to showcase creative work, to an artist is usually priceless. Then again, the displayed artwork has a very distinctive value.

Photographs by creatives usually have a very distinctive value.

Get Permission

In this case, what do you do when you see a beautiful photo and you would like to share it with others? Notably, as flattering as it is that someone wants to distribute your photograph. Nowadays, artists often need to get paid for their work. And for some, it is their livelihood.

Therefore, can you just take the image and use it onto your Facebook or Instagram without finding out who initially owns that photo? In fact, were you going to source the original owner first, before thinking of using their photo? And if you see who owns it, do you credit the name of the original maker?

“I love your photographs and would like to share them on my SoMe channels?”

Give Credit

The decent thing to do is gain permission from the original creator. The photographic images hold something known as metadata. This data is placed within the properties of the image. This embedded information helps protect the artist who created the original work. On the other hand, particular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, often recompresses the images without keeping the metadata. This in turn may force the work to become what is known as orphan work.

Orphan works include everything from World War II photographs to anonymous internet postings. This can happen nowadays when you take a screenshot and not provide attribution to the original owner, as it travels along its journey. This is frustrating, especially if you are aware of who created the original work.

Please do not to throw our images into a deadpool.

If you cannot figure out who owns the copyright, you could conduct a search. If you still can’t figure out the ownership, then you have to decide to take a chance. On the other hand, after finding the artist, the next step would be to give credit to the original Artist/Photographer. And of course, credit is very much appreciated and often seen as a compliment.

What about Commercial usage?

Consequently, what if your photographs are used for commercial purposes? And used without your permission? Yes, perhaps they mention your name. But, has the unauthorised commercial user, changed the intent of your work? And has the person aimed to make money by using your photo? You as an artist get nothing in return?

Not getting permission could result in © Copyright Infringement.

Commercial Use and Collaboration

How come LEGO use your photographs? What is important to realise and you will often notice that we review LEGO products on a regular basis. We at Stuck in Plastic, work extremely closely with our good friends at The LEGO Group. We provide them with exclusive creative photographs for their commercial usage on a professional basis. That means we have given written authorisation for our photographs to be used in this commercial context and intern, the LEGO Group share and credit us as the original artist. And we love collaborating with them.

We love collaborating with The LEGO Group

Confused about what you can and can’t use? Yep it certainly is a lot to take in and there is a minefield of information out there related to this subject. You will also find that different countries around the world, have different usage rights that apply to artists work. You should check out what rules apply if you are thinking of using specific content. In the UK the act is provided under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

There is a difference between Licensing Usage.

As you scroll through the internet and stop by to admire photographic content, you are entering into a whole array of images subjected to copyright laws, this includes Creative Commons licensing, and fair usage policies. Saying this, we love you interacting and enjoying our content. And because we love you interacting, let us briefly explain the different types of licensing usage rules.

Asking permission to use photographs created by an Artist/Photographer is the right thing to do.

What exactly is Copyright? It is a type of intellectual property, that gives its original owner the exclusive right to make copies of the creative work. Copyright protects your work and prevents others from using it without your permission. You will automatically own an All Rights Reserved copyright to that creativity.

The copyright policy also applies in connection to Images purchased from stock photo websites. These images will have a licensing policy attached. When you download a file from a stock agency, you’re usually buying a standard licence that lets you use the file for any personal, business, or commercial purposes that aren’t restricted by the licence.

However, copyright doesn’t prevent you from downloading an image on your own device. What copyright prevents is you from re-sharing it and then claiming that it is your own creation.

Fair Use

Fair Use is the legal right to copy or use a portion or all of a copyrighted work, without having to first acquire permission from the copyright holder. It is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose. It is intended for the purpose of education, reporting, or research.

Creative Commons

What about if you want your work to be freely shared, reused, and remixed by others without the hassle of seeking permission?

The Creative Commons copyright licences are distributed under what is known as an open license, such as Creative Commons.  You can find images providing Creative Commons licensing under the usage rights section on Google. That being said, these images under this licence are not what many people think of as the public domain. They also have certain conditions attached depending on the licence used.

Notably, this type of licence will enable you to let people know what they can and can’t use your work for. You don’t give up your copyright, you just refine it so it works better for you.

Every Artist has the right to be protected for the work they create.

Have your say!

Tell us. What feeling do you have surrounding the use of other peoples photographs or has a breach of copyright happened to you?

A new little project for twenty one

Twenty twenty is well behind us. 

We said goodbye to SiPgoesTT in silence, and took a deep dive into our first Winter Workshop. With the Spring Workshop being fully booked in less as twenty four hours.
Yet we never shared with you our new project we have for this year. 

No monthly theme or weekly word has been on the blog in January and February.

So, what happened?

When we looked back in December with the Crew on our last creative challenges we felt there was something missing. The lack of physical contact in twenty twenty for sure added to that and we felt we needed to do something different.
Break the status quo.
Do something that would truly inspire us and be our north star.  

Push our boundaries.
Get out of our comfort zone.
Inspire us.
And make us connect with others.

An individual challenge, and yet a collective effort. 

With the last in person meet up and art exhibition being in Capetown, South Africa almost a year ago . And just a few of us met in person.

Suné, Julien and Boris connecting with the local photography club during the exhibition.

The real big one was Denmark the year before.
An amazing adventure.
A pop up exhibition in the LEGO House.
Amazing friendship.
And lot’s of LEGO.

The last day of SiP goes Denmark. An amazing adventure of friends.

We knew this one was hard to beat.
Yet we needed something different.
Something bigger.
Something different.
To transcent.
Something to work hard towards and to celebrate. 
And to leave an inprint.

Not just a creative challenge to grow ourselves, but work to a true exhibition that would bring us together.
And inspire others.
Like a next level thing. 

And so we brainstormed and looked what would connect us.
What would be realistic (still dreaming of Fotografiska here in Stockholm one day)
Lessons learned from the past that would give us foresight into this project.

The checklist

We knew we wanted a real live exhibition (check)
We knew we wanted to print big
We knew we needed a theme (read on) beyond just being our best works of the latest challenge. A theme that would inspire us. Connect us. And be bigger than the eight of us.
And we did know that curating an exhibition brings up practical questions, like how many works do we want to exhibit, where do we print, what do we do with the works afterwards, can we all travel there in these day and age. 
And we did in one way or another take you along on this journey. 

A lot of things on our project checklist.
And not everything is checked off.
This is our project of twenty one.
But it did give us focus (or should we say mission).

The Working Mission Statement

Create a photographic exhibition in real live with large toy photography prints that makes an impact and shares our passion.

So let’s break that one down in small components.

Create = that is us, we are a creative collective and creating is what we do.
Photographic = shouldn’t be a problem either as we all have a camera
Exhibition = we did a few before, but how can we make this one different and reach a larger audience ? Take it to the next level.

In Real Live = so not a virtual exhibition in our online galleries, OK, we get that. And make sense. Lets see how this plays out in twenty one.
Large = We will have to define large, as this will become an interesting one. Both from a logistic and cost perspective. But large it is. For sure not just A2. Allthough Maëlick and I will be running some test prints locally this year on A2 like formats.
Toy Photography = Check, that is us for sure

Makes an Impact = Now that is a mystery statement, but challenge accepted. 
Share the passion = Engagement and community. That must be all about you.

Our little project theme. 

So, now that we had a working mission statement, we needed to have a unifying theme.
Our Chief Skeleton In Charge collected thoughts and ideas and brainstormed us through it until we all collectively landed on “The Four Seasons“.
Not sure if the media attention in November played a role here, but we are not talking about that landscaping agency next to the adult shop in Philly.  

The Four Seasons as in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 
The circle of life.
The inspiration of so many great artists we can tap into.
And as actual as ever before.  

Four works of art. 

Every individual photographer will need to create by themselves four images for the exhibition that will be printed large.
Four bodies of work that are standing on their own, yet tell a story and share our theme. 

And the reason why we selected four, is obvious.
Creating four significant works worthy to print large on a yearly basis is not an easy task. Four works you look back on and say, they are here to stay.
They tell my story.
They are me. 

Like good old Ansel said “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop“. And he was a photog of his own league.
So we believe four works each worthy to print large should be feasible for us. 

And we do invite you to join us in this creative journey (read on)

The good old WWW (what, when, where)


An art exhibition (we will be talking about the why more this year)


Well, our projects here are normally year bound, and so are the seasons, so we are currently looking at having a year end exhibition somewhere in Europe (offers from other continents are of course welcome, but maybe that becomes the sequel for next year).
So this brings the when for now to December 2021.


No location yet.
We have a few ideas, but that is what they are. Ideas.

Just in case you have the right castle for us …

If you happen to read this and have a location to share then don’t hesitate to let us know. For now logistically we would like it to be in the country of one of our core crew members to facilitate logistics which narrows it down to Belgium, France, England, Wales, Netherlands, Finland, Germany or Sweden. 

So, the outlines of a plan are starting to form and we will keep you informed of our (lack) of progress. Expect some frustrated posts in the future :)

And what about you?

We invite you to join our seasonal toy photography workshops where we will be touching on our journey. 
And we invite you to join us in our journey and make your four works around the theme.
It will be a journey, and some of you may very well end up on our exhibition walls in one shape or form (still working that one out). 

Take the deep dive and see where we land. 

For now we do have a hashtag to start tracking the project #SiPgoesFourSeasons

And at least the project is out and about.

Comments welcome below.


The SiP Spring Workshop Registration is here

Yep. It is time to get the registration going for our second workshop of twenty one. The SiP Spring Workshop. This year we decided to organize four virtual toy photography workshops with 16 participants each from all over the world (update: we are fully booked, but you can still register for the waiting list)

So what is it all about?

An energy packed virtual half day toy photography workshop from the comfort of your home.
Bring your own coffee, tea and good mood.
Hang out with us in the second of four virtual toy photography workshops we are bringing to you in twenty one.

Just like our original SiP goes Virtual, and the SiP Winter Workshop the seats are limited.
15 places per workshop, but we have scheduled for two sessions in case we have more than 15 participants on the first day.

We have selected two days this time.
Saturday morning 3rd April from 8:30 CET to 14:30 Paris time. Ideally for those of you who are early birds or are living in the APAC regions.
Saturday afternoon 1st May from 14:00 CET to 20:00 Hamburg time. Ideally for those that like to sleep in in the European timezones, or our America friends that want to join.

In both cases we will have a Friday Evening welcome drink to get things rolling including the unpacking of the mystery envelope and a few exercises to get in the mood.

What you need to bring along?

A good mood.
Your own coffee.
Your camera.
A good internet connection.
And your creativity.

What we will bring along?

A creative digital workshop.
Fun individual and group exercises.
A mystery envelope delivered to your door before the workshop.
A special memory to keep.
Our fantastic crew.

WWR (when, where and registration )

Saturday April 3rd from 9:00 CET to 14:00 CET
Saturday 1st May from 14:00 CET to 20:00 CET

CET is Central European Time, and is one hour ahead of London

This is a digital online event using Google Meet technology so registration with a google account (gmail) helps.

The registration fee for the event (including physical shipping of the mystery envelope and so on) is 30 EUR.

Seats are limited to 15 participants only and will be a mix of new and old toy photogs alike.

Do you recognize all participants of the SiP Winter Workshop?

We will close the registration by end of February (in a week from now), so we have sufficient time to get the mystery envelopes shipped to all participants.

Quick update.

Right now (Sunday 18:00 CET) we officially are fully booked on both workshops, and you can still register, but will land on the waiting list with an update later on Wednesday.

For those of you who already registered, do check your inbox (or spam folder) for a mail with follow up instructions.

So, please do go ahead and still register yourself for the SiP Spring Workshop Edition but you will be on the waiting list.

The other dates

If you can’t make it to this one, but want to reserve the dates of the next upcoming ones, than reserve the following other Saturdays in your calendar as well:
July 3rd, 2021
Oct 2nd, 2021

Is it worth it?

But don’t take our word for it.
Go and read what our Chief Editor Stacy had to say about the first one.
Or read the outcome of one of the group exercises we did, the Party of The Decade .

The Party of the Decade

The party day has finally arrived for the residents of NINJAGO City. Master Lloyd, along with his friends, prepare for the big celebration and the secret ninja warriors get ready for the party of the decade.

Gathering all the props was an easy task for Karine. The party of the decade was about to commence and there was much excitement in the air.

Karine gathers the props

The ninja warriors favourite food was tasty Sushi. Prepared by the talented sushi chef. He made his preparations and the guests started to arrive.

Mike the Sushi Chef

The first guests arrived and grabbed something to eat… Well to be honest they grabbed the blueberry and strawberry ice cream first. The party photographer joined in the celebration and chose a special drink.

Stefan the party king

The party was well underway. Arriving later than scheduled was the balloon lady. She was also a magician and somehow she thought the sushi party meant to come as sushi. It made everyone laugh.

Sophie the balloon lady

Invitations had been sent out by special airmail delivery from the North.

Maelick the post master

But the wrong memo had been set out, some people came in fancy dress and some in fancy clothes.

General David and the guests

In the meantime, Batman needed sizing up for his party outfit and Mr. Wu set about checking his measurements. Whilst they were sizing him up they were also plotting together how to defeat the evil warlord Garmadon as he was causing unrest in the city. Batman and Master Wu saw that he had arrived to the party and he certainly was not wearing his party gear.

Jenn ready to make Batmans outfit

Uninvited. The evil warlord Garmadon arrived. He wanted to cancel the party and ruin the fun. Lloyd and his friends quickly approached the evil warlord and immediately told him to leave. But was a battle was about to start?

Bev faced with the evil warlord

Upon realising that the guests were celebrating such a momentous occasion. Garmadon decided that he wanted to join in and immediately went to get changed into his best party gear. Secretly he wanted to be invited, he knew Lloyd was attending and after all that was his son. He grabbed the gifts that he had collected over the years for Lloyd and headed back to the celebration.

Julien captures the moment on camera

Amazed at the sight of Garmadon in his party wear, Batman decided that he would have to make an even bigger appearance and surprised everyone by jumping out of the cake.

James makes a cake

As the band arrived ready to rock the party, they started to get their kit out of the cart. They were in fact one of the best bands in the world, with an incredible fan base.

Chris ready to rock

They brought their instruments, electric guitars and they were about to play their music loud, they were about to bring the temple down.

Stefan K and his band

The concert began and Ginny started singing. The crowd loved it and began to sing along.

Natasja captures Ginny as she sings it loud and blows away the crowd

After the party, Lloyd reflected on his time and what a great time was had by all, and he loved all the kind gifts. He had balloons, guitars, cake and so much more, so much that he couldn’t carry everything and found the nearest empty cart!

Astrid helps Lloyd

On his way home. Lloyd decided to stop by a little friend’s house, he had seen the little boy looking out of the window and wishing he could attend the party. Lloyd offered him some sushi. Knowing that Boris loved blowfish, he decided to save the best till last.

Evelyne is here

The next morning was such a blur. The party was so much fun, the guests had an amazing time, although now the Ninjas wondered if it was just a dream. We have enjoyed sharing the party celebrations and loved every single minute. Happy Birthday Ninjago, from all of us to all of you. #SiPwinterworkshop2021

Boris blurs the lines, was it all a dream?

Hey Frankie Siren

In conjunction with the launch of the new CMF series 21 sent to us by our good friends at TLG. These figures have been keeping us busy, along with a few friends. Amongst receiving complete sets, we have all received a mixed up bag of the set to create something unique.

Body Snatchers

In the beginning the suggestion was that we all make a Frankenstein model out of the different body parts. What a great idea! Those of you who aren’t familiar with who exactly Frankenstein is, here’s a little background information.

Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein: is a combination of Gothic horror story and science fiction. The book tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a Swiss student of natural science who creates an artificial man from pieces of corpses and brings his creature to life.

Story Telling

Based on story telling techniques. This fictional short story was made to get your creative juices flowing. However, on this occasion, the most famous story teller of all time has joined bevvypix to tell the story. Let me introduce the narrator … Will Iam Shakespeare.

The Story Teller. Will Iam Shakespeare

Meet Benny Steiner

Meet Benny Steiner, a fearless cop from the future of space who can travel back in time and to the present day. He was living on the Space Station and placed in charge with a duty to protect the galaxy from the alien worlds and ward off evil. He enjoyed his work and considered himself to be rather good at it. There was no reason to be concerned about his ability to protect the universe. This was simply because Benny was brave, fearless and above all, he never let anyone else enter into his head nor his heart. That was until one day …

Meet Benny Steiner

As legend has it. In Greek mythology; the Sirens were known as dangerous creatures. They lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. But Frankie Siren was no ordinary sea nymph.

Dare to meet Frankie Siren

She was undoubtedly beautiful, although something about her was different to the others. Her features resemble the strength of a lion with golden feathers in her hair. A powerful tail that she uses to splash and compel her victim by magically putting on an impressive show. Victor Frankenstein himself could have even created her, himself.

Frankie Siren sings her beautiful song

Every adventurer knows the tale of the sirens and how they lure the sailors by their beautiful song. However, it was once said that the Sirens were fated to die if any mortal should hear them sing and live to tell the story.

Up in the Air

As enchanting as their singing might have been to mortals. Although this may be true, Benny was aware that he was stuck in plastic forever and would never return to a mortal. He thought that he would be immune to the bewitching sound. On the contrary, somehow the song lyrics had escaped into space and all he could hear was “hey Frankie Benny, do you remember me?”

Hearing the song, Benny was up in the air out of his head, stuck in a moment of emotion. Was this the end he feared? Even though a thousand times he had tempted fate and a thousand time he played this game. Then again, today was different as he became lost in the night.

Falling to Earth

He couldn’t resist, was this going to lead to a bad conclusion. The Sirens song was alluring him back to the Earth’s surface. How could this be? he was a spaceman, not a sailor as legend had it. Ultimately, deceived by the sweetness of her song, Benny was hooked and seduced in an instance. In a state of trance, he opened the escape hatch on his rocket ship and fell weightlessly to Earth.

Benny Steiner rocket crashes to an Iceberg

Is this the End?

Is this the end? Has Benny traded his life? As the rocket ship crashes into a floating iceberg and explodes into a thousand pieces. Frankie Siren approached the fallen space cop, as she continued to sing. Benny was oblivious to his surroundings, his eyes focused and transfixed toward the potential love of his life, she was the darkness and the light. Captivated, he walked toward Frankie Siren as her voice filled the air. All of the laws were about to be broken. Was Benny’s heart, to become imprinted with love and about to be sacrificed by this beautiful temptation?

Captivated by Frankie Siren, Benny Steiner falls in love.

Perhaps you have some mixed up Lego Mini figure Frankenstein monsters that you want to show us! If so, join in as we would love to see your creations. Use the hashtag #SiPgoes_Frankenstein

Happy Birthday, Ninjago!

Happy Birthday, Ninjago

Our good friends at the LEGO Group called upon all masters, young and old, of Spinjitzu to celebrate 10 years of LEGO® NINJAGO® with the launch of the awesome Ninjago City Gardens, some exciting collaborations, and a nostalgic look back at some of the theme’s key milestones.

We got to shoot some epic imagery for this.
And we are giving away two exclusive toy photography NINJAGO prints.

But first some history

In 2011, the LEGO NINJAGO journey started and changed the lives of children and AFOLs all over the world. Today, we celebrate the ten years of this epic range of Ninjas that continue to inspire children of all ages and build epic scenes while developing their ninja skills (and some of us their photography skills).

Many of us have explored NINJAGO over the years. Master Wu and the ninja Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay, and Cole have taught some of us how to catch their skills in action on the digital canvas. Or eat cornflakes .

Some of us may not agree with Master Wu when he states “There comes a time when we all must grow up. When that time comes, it’s important not to forget the lessons of our childhood. Because our childhood is the greatest training ground one will ever have.” But we all do enjoy some Ninja wisdom.

Go visit the LEGO anniversary website…

Maëlick and I had the great pleasure to shoot the Gardens over Xmas. Now, some of our work is featured on the anniversary website of 10 years Ninjago over at LEGO. We are super stoked to be part of this anniversary party and want to wish the full Ninjago team another 10 years ahead of them.

You can see all the images on the LEGO site first!

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary we will be getting 11 new LEGACY Ninjago sets on the shelves throughout 2021. February 1st sees the launch of the exclusive three-level LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens set.
A true tribute to a decade of NINJAGO and a massive fun build. Trust us. We loved it.

The set showcases some of the main moments of the TV series, giving fans of all ages the opportunity to relive the show through a building experience and toy photographers a headache to shoot.

On www.LEGO.com/ninjago10anniversary there will be anniversary content telling the story of LEGO NINJAGO through the years and showcasing amazing fan-created content including fan art, awesome builds, and indeed some awesome toy photography.

The LEGO House will also mark the occasion by hosting an in-depth exhibition celebrating ten years of NINJAGO fandom.

How super NINJAGO is all of this?

And in order to celebrate this even more, we are giving an exclusive Ninjago toy photography print away to one true Ninjago fan.
Just leave a comment here or on any of our SoMe channels.
Tell us to whom you want to give this exclusive print (it could be yourself) and why.
Our innocent Master Wu will announce the lucky Ninja on February 7th.

BTS Coming

And don’t worry, we will have a post a little bit later about the behind the scenes and the challenges such a big set may give you to shoot both in and outside. But first … NINJAGO!

PPS. The Fine Print.

We included some official LEGO referral links for the very first time, which means that in the unlikely event you are reading it here first, click on the link, and happen to buy the Gardens the SiP crew will get a tiny kickback. Which we will use to keep this site completly add free and continue to bring awesome toy photography. Wanna buy the Gardens directly and support us right away then click here, just being honest.

Our Magical Card Exchange of 2020

Back in October 2020, we put the word out and asked if a few of you fancied joining in our SiP Card Exchange 2020. We must say that the response was incredible.

The Task

The task was simple. We asked participants to make a postcard design using their own photograph. Write a message on the reverse and then post it to the members in their nominated group.

To spread more festive joy, we also asked those who joined in to nominate a friend who would also receive a card. All we asked for the #sipcardexchange was the magic to be shared amongst others who were not expecting it.

The SiP elves lending a helping hand.

The previous year, I participated in the 2019 Card Exchange and loved receiving every card. However, 2020 was different for many reasons. The pandemic for one, had threatened Christmas planning. Forcing many people to alter plans at the last minute and some not being able to spend the festivity with loved ones. Therefore, I really did not know what to expect this year!

I chose a photograph that I had created last year for a project given by our dear friends at The LEGO Group… I didn’t send it last year and thought this Christmas it would make an ideal picture as I wanted to include a fun positive message.

Special Delivery

Each card was handwritten with a personal message for each receiver. At times this was a difficult task, simply because I didn’t personally know some of the recipients. However, I read between the lines, took onboard their reason for nominating a friend and kept updated in the conversation via our group chat.

We placed the cards into envelopes and sent them at the beginning of December. Without knowing how the pandemic was affecting the postal service. I was confident that the UK cards would arrive to their destination in time for Christmas.

“Have yourselfie a Merry Christmas”.

A Magical Christmas

Although some decided to wait to open their cards, I couldn’t wait. My first card arrived, and the feeling I had last year came flooding back. The excitement began and I opened the envelope, reading the beautiful handwritten message inside. Then another arrived, then another. This year was certainly beginning to top last year on so many different levels.

The power of peoples voices and those who become intertwined by a common interest became something special and unique. People whom I had never met, all of a sudden put good out into the world and you know what? Good came back to me in ways that I had never thought, nor anticipated. This act of kindness was so special to witness.

Farewell twenty twenty

Without further ado, we say goodbye to 2020 and regardless of how the year turned out. The magic of Christmas was restored. Cards arrived filled with amazing, heartfelt, creativity from all over the world. I have loved seeing and reading each handwritten message, my nominated friend has also loved receiving all the beautiful cards.

The SiP crew have all enjoyed spreading some positive joy to the world. And you guys certainly made 2020 card exchange very special indeed.

A Magical Special Delivery.

It’s a Wrap

We at Stuck in Plastic feel truly blessed with wonderful followers on our SoMe channels. Those of you who joined in our card exchange will completely understand how we are all feeling. These cards will live in a very special place within our hearts.

Overwhelmed by the love put into each and every special magical card. We thank you all for helping us spread the joy and making others smile upon receipt. Although it is only the beginning of a new year, we are looking forward to the next Card Exchange. Thank you all again for participating and “have yourself a healthy and wonderful 2021”.

Happy Twenty One (and then some more)

Twenty is gone.
The year that is.
And we will look back on it, don’t worry.
But we just noted that we did not wish you all a Happy Twenty One yet.
We hope the year ended in good spirits, and you are all ready for the new creative adventures coming your way.
At least we are.
We got our first virtual hangout with the full crew.
We put the final thoughts on our creative project for twenty-one and are super excited.
It is going to be different.
In some ways.
Slow and acoustic.
No 52 words, or a monthly theme.
But a full year project that will take us places.
Virtual places, and hopefully at the end some real places as well.
But more on that later.
First things first.
A happy Twenty One.

And then some.

Yep, some more already on the second day of twenty one.
Our very first virtual safari of the year.
Not a full fledged 3 day adventure in some real live location, but an energy packed virtual half day toy photography safari from the comfort of your home.
Bring your own coffee and good mood.
Hang out with us in the first of four virtual toy photography safaris we are bringing to you in twenty one*.

Just like our original SiP goes Virtual, the seats are limited.
15 places only.
A full saturday morning, starting at 9 CET, and wrapping up just around 14 CET.

What you need to bring along?

A good mood.
Your own coffee.
Your camera.
A good internet connection.
And your creativity.

What we will bring along?

A creative digital workshop.
Fun individual and group exercises.
A mystery envelop delivered to your door before the workshop.
A special memory to keep.
Our fantastic crew.

WWR (when, where and registration )

Saturday 6th February from 9 CET to 14 CET (doors of the lounge open at 8:30)
This is a digital online event using Google Meet technology so registration with a google account (gmail) helps.

The registration fee for the event (including physical shipping of the mystery envelope and so on) is 30 EUR.

Seats are limited to 15 participants only and do hurry up as the first 7 are already taken.

We will close the registration by next week Saterday (10.01) so we can inform all participants of their registration, and start shipping the mystery envelopes out to all of you. Please note that in case we have too many participants, we will use the innocent child hand to make the final list.
And we did add the mandatory GDPR to the same form so you skip filling that in seperate.
So, without further ado … do go ahead and register.

Update. Overnight we got +20 registrations in and we will have closed the registration.
We are in the process of finalizing the registration pool and will be back soon with more details.

The other dates

If you can’t make it to this one, but want to reserve the dates of the next upcoming ones, than reserve the following other Saturdays in your calendar as well.
May 1st, 2021
July 3rd, 2021
Oct 2nd, 2021

Is it worth it?

But don’t take our word for it.
Go and read what our Chief Editor Stacy had to say about the last one.

CMF21 – Space… the final frontier

Just a few more nights before the CMF21 (read the collectible minifigure series twenty-one also known as 71029) gets released into your local stores around the world. We packaged up a few of these wonderful green bags and shipped them to our crew and friends alike for a good old creative crowd review.

We let them images and little stories speak for themselves…

To boldly go…

Ian takes the space police and space bug for an intergalactic ride, and ends up with the bounty hunter from series nineteen.

Run Forest, Run.

Stefan takes the spacebug for a run. A diamond run.

The Party

Space Police Pulup keeps the Space Punk Parties and their creative crowds under control. Or so they.

Diamonds are a bugs’ best friend…

And Beverley mines her diamonds in space. Afterall, diamonds are a space bug best friend.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

Achtung. Achtung.

We seem to like our languages here.
Yesterday we went all Dutch, and today we are going to the lands of U2.
And no, it is not Stefan’s Birthday either.

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Like they say in Germany: Mind the gap and stay calm.
It is just some good old yippie kay ye work in progress.

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