During summer, LEGO gave Stuck in Plastic the chance to review some of the new Brickheadz sets and create some photoshoots for their SoMe channels. That was all we knew. And I was hesitant to take on the challenge as I haven’t had any experience with Brickheadz. But I decided to take the opportunity to build and shoot something different! After a quick chat with Jennifer, she felt the same and we both took on this fun challenge. Jennifer and I met virtually during the Stuck in Plastic Spring Workshop and shortly afterward, we were both asked to become Close Friends over at SiP so it felt right to take on this challenge together (carefully calculated by Boris, we are sure of it :D )

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t be excited about receiving parcels from LEGO!
Before long, a delivery from Billund had arrived on our doorsteps containing 3 of the Brickheadz Pets sets.

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Co Authors :

A Knights Tale

Did you know that Stuck in Plastic is currently taking part in an exhibition at The Hermitage in Amsterdam. If not, go an read all about it here . Since taking part in this exhibition, my thoughts keep on reverting back to the history that surrounds my own town of Pembroke and how Kings and Knights once roamed the land.

And I had to create my own Knights Tale.

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Happy Monday

A happy Monday everyone.
A new week has started and we are a good 5 days away from Friday.
Friday, the day the weekend starts and we get some extra quality time with our friends, family, and toys alike.

And the inspiration for our little creative workshop challenge we are running here on SiP with the little hashtag #SiPgoesTGIF

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SiP Summer Workshop 2021: Never a Dull Moment

The Stuck in Plastic workshops always promises to be exciting, but I was not anticipating how much of an adventure the SiPSummerWorkshop2021 would be.

The mystery package

Having participated in the SiPSpringWorkshop2021 workshop, I had a better idea of what to expect leading up to the workshop; keep an eye on the blog for details, complete the sign-up process, and then wait for your mystery package to arrive. Or so I thought. The packages failed to show up – in Korea and on the tracking website. PostNord had lost track of our packages (@Legitbricks_ and mine). To be fair, the world is going through a pandemic, so no hard feelings.

The mystery package is nowhere to be found
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It has been a while.
I have to admit.
Not me neglecting the blog, that is tradition and comes in waves (more on that later).
No, instant fun when shooting LEGO.
Just out and about snapping fun images in the wild.
No previsualizations.
And no advanced planning.
No planned UGC shoots with NDA sets either. Just instant fun when walking around with a camera and some toys. And that is what happened this week. Instant, unscheduled, fun.

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La Catrina | Remembering the departed

2021 marks the fifth year since the LEGO Brickheadz theme began.  During that time, these buildable collectibles have been released as a wide range of lovable characters ranging from heroes from your favorite hit movie franchise through to household pets and models celebrating occasions from around the world, including a bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and Chinese New Year Pandas. So, when the call came for volunteers to review some new as yet unseen Brickheadz, I stepped up for a challenge, because not only had I never built a Brickhead before, let alone photographed one, but also the theme of the set could be literally anything.

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An Awesome Explosion of Colour

It was no ordinary Saturday, in fact the Stuck in Plastic #SiPSummerworkshop2021 was due to commence. When suddenly! The crew and friends, realised they had actually woken up to an awesome explosion of colour. The colours of the rainbow had spread across the world. The bricks had landed in all sorts of different locations. With help needed. The workshop participants called on a group of superheroes to restore the chaos that had dominated Planet Earth. 

To save the day. The awesome citizens were asked to create a magical heart made from their generated colour. This would help to restore the rainbow, bringing peace and love back to the world. 

Along the way, the superheroes thought it best to have help because after all, everyone is awesome especially those who were already starting to rebuild the hearts after the explosion …

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RLFM 21 And It’s a Wrap

During the next interview on the Stuck in Plastic schedule, we were joined by Signe the RLFM host and Head of Community Growth and Tormod, The Head of AFOL Engagement. Boris has met these wonderful folks before and has a great relationship with them. However, I was a rookie, a newbie to the whole RLFM Days. Shortly afterwards, we wrap up our interviews as we head to Hogwarts and speak to the Harry Potter Design team.

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RLFM 21 Architecture & Ninjago Interviews

Shortly after our interview with the MiniFigure Design Team. On our schedule were the Adult Design Team and Architecture. With Ninjago following the lunch break.

Coming up: The Ninjago Designer Interview after the lunch break. Photo by Bev
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RLFM 21 The Minifigures Interview

After a reflective night and a bite too eat. Boris and I were all ready for day 2 of the virtual RLFM 21 days. Today Stuck in Plastic were able to Interview the LEGO designers and ask them questions. We can share some of our conversations with you all. First interview was with the Minifigures Designers.

Bevvypix reporting to the crew during the breaks. Photo by Bev
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