What is in your bag ?

What’s In My Bag – Mitchel Wu Photography

Prior to toy photography I used to photograph weddings and portraits professionally. I was pretty well-outfitted in terms of gear because of this – with multiple camera bodies, a range of professional lenses, and multiple speedlights and light diffusing/modifying systems. I came into toy photography pretty well set, with the acceptation of a few accessories …

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Whats In My Studio – Isaac Renteria

Originally this topic was called ” What`s in my bag” but because I rarely do outdoor photography; I will show you the gear I use the most in my studio. I’m not a fan of fancy photography gear so I think I have only what I really need. 

Broken Workflow

I just returned from an epic holiday break full of sun, sea and lots of great raw, unprocessed footage (with and without plastic) that is screaming to be processed. I normally tend to process on the road and share at least one or two updates along the journey, but this time my workflow got so disrupted on day …

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Yet Another My Bag

Had I known this would come up, I would have packed something flashier with me when I left for my trip to Seattle. But there is actually a reason why my bag is like it is. AvanautFull time illustrator, part time photographer. As such, I created blizzards with Star Wars Lego and had an influence on …

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What’s in My Bag

I enjoyed Me2’s post the other day about what was in his photography bag. There was just so much photo goodness in that one little bag, it was overwhelming! But just like there are different styles of photographers, there is more than one way to stock a photographer’s bag. Personally, I prescribe to the KISS (keep it simple …

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A Photographers Bag

So I am the first to kick off our brand new series of what is hiding in our bags. Our bags as toy photographers out in the wild, full of cool gear and little nifty tricks looking for the next adventure, Pulitzer or Proify award … , but before I go there, I want to …

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What is in your bag ?

We all know that a woman’s purse or handbag can be an adventure on its own. An object most men want to stay away from as it can take you places in this galaxy you may not want to venture, yet nothing beats a photographers bag  and what it carries (and you may really be …

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