Suppaduppa’s TOP 5 Favorite Figures (Ever)

I want to choose only five figures; my favorite top 5 figures ever. This makes me ask myself something before making this list. Before I started photographing toys I only bought them because I liked them. Now I buy them thinking if they will look good in front of my lens. I don’t know if it matters, but I never thought of it before. Or did I?

Never mind, Let’s make that list! Continue reading “Suppaduppa’s TOP 5 Favorite Figures (Ever)”

My Five Favorite Figures – By Ann @Miss__Feklista

First of all, I’d like to thank Shelly again for the great possibility to share my creative hobby in this friendly and creative blog.

Today My Five Favorite Figures are here to tell their unique stories. Why are they special for me? To be honest, it took me a long time to think about all my Lego figures and customs. But then I asked myself: “Which heroes influenced the development of my hobby”? This criterion made my choice evident and the characters appeared on the stage one after the other. Continue reading “My Five Favorite Figures – By Ann @Miss__Feklista”

The Fab 5

Mike Stimpson’s five was a fun and interesting piece a while ago, we decided to steal the idea from him and post our own. Shelly did hers just yesterday and that was a swell group of pretty items. I’m not going to shy away from this challenge and took a moment to think this through too. Here’s my fab 5 not in any particular order.

#1 Indiana Jones
The man with the hat. Indiana Jones is a nice figure to shoot from time to time, I like it a lot. But, as it happens, my favourite Indy is not necessarily any of the official Indys, my favourite is a custom one. Mark Holden, a.k.a. Smokebelch, once posted a very nice photograph of his Well of Souls Indy custom and I loved it. I bought the necessary bits from Bricklink and made my own.

This indy should have had a set of it’s own in the Indiana Jones LEGO line. Imagine, the tent with Marion Ravenwood and René Belloq (maybe even Toht to boot), or a Well of Souls set with Sallah and the miniature of Tanis. Classic stuff! Perhaps there is still hope if the Indiana Jones franchise gets a reboot under Disney’s regime.

I haven’t photographed this one much but I think it’s very cool.

The Well of Souls Indiana Jones custom minifigure on the left. I think it’s pretty marvelous. I like to keep these two Indys with me on travels just in case. I usually don’t even shoot them but I know I’ll regret if I leave them at home.

#2 Snowtrooper
When thinking about my favourites, there is no way around the snowtrooper, probably the most common minifigure in my photostream. The snowtrooper has no spinning head, only arms and legs move, I like the challenge the limited range of movement brings to photographing it. There is also no expression on it’s face, the featureless helmet just has black eye slits with no pupils in sight. To me that is very amusing, there is something that reminds me of Buster Keaton’s comedic quality.

White also looks great on white.

The snowtrooper in my very first snow photograph (that didn’t even work).

#3 Batman
This is a new contender in my selection of items to shoot. I have had the Bats with me on a trip abroad a couple of times now, first was the trip to Seattle earlier this year, and I’ve grown to like it a lot. Especially the one with the Keaton batsuit. I have not photographed it with a DSLR once, only with point-and-shooters that are easy to carry around in pockets, but still, it works for me.

Batman checking the sights in Rome, Italy.

#4 Ewok
I like minifigures with sculpted heads, Greedo, Leia as Boushh and Max Rebo for example, they are very interesting to photograph, but my favourite of this lot is the ewok. Even though the ewok minifigure has only four points of movement, the face sculpt makes all the difference, there is as much soul in the ewok minifigure as a plastic figure can possibly have.

I originally struggled with photographing these but I really like them now.

An ewok minifigure closeup. Took me a while to figure out how to shoot these guys.

One more, huh? This was not that easy after all. I find I do not have favourites that much. I like minifigures in general, I photograph them according to my ideas, not necessarily because of I like any of them in particular. So, as a final favourite I include one simply because it surprised me when I photographed it.

#5 The Teddy
The little teddy bear from collectible series 6 sleepyhead minifigure. Granted, this is technically not a minifigure at all, but I don’t care, I’ll choose it as my #5.  I have used the little teddy as an extra in some photographs (one with Indiana Jones) and I think it’s the cutest thing. I shot a portrait of it a while ago and I was very happy with how it turned out.

Teddy bear LEGO minifigure accessory, is that cute or what?


Desert Island Mini Figures

We have been asked to share our top five mini figures with you. This is a variation on one of those Instagram tags that occasionally circle through the toy photography community. The last time I did this, my choices where not well thought out and I totally muffed it; this time I am hoping for a better result. Instead of sharing my top five mini figures though, I am going to tell you who I would want to be stranded on a  desert island with.

I know its a small distinction, but a crucial one. When you have all the collectable mini figures, classic space, TMNT, Ninjago, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Chima, Friends, Galaxy Squad, DC/Marvel, plus a fair amount of customs to choose from….the difficulty of narrowing it down to only five mini figures becomes a daunting task at best. So I am going to narrow my choices down to the five figures I would want to be stuck on a desert island with. Of course I am assuming I will still have a camera, fresh batteries, more than a few large SD cards and maybe a little internet access (a girl can fantasize…right?).

So without further ado, here is who I would pack and why?

1) Keiko, a Peter Reid designed robot


Ok maybe he’s not a true mini figure, but I love this guy and he goes on all my photo outings with me. In fact he has his own traveling case separate from everyone else. This might explain why I am currently using Keiko v2 since I lost v1 sometime this spring. This ended up working pretty well since I am in procrastination mode and I am sorting all our LEGO. I was able build him better now that I can actually find all the right parts! Keiko is the ultimate explorer.

2) ClassicWhite  Space Explorer

classic lego white space man walks across the lava bed at Pu'uhonia O Honaunau while the waves crash behind him in a wall of white spray
Exploring Pu’uhonia O Honaunau

This was an easy choice, ok maybe not that easy. But when I looked at all my Classic Space, MTron, Galaxy Squad and Star Wars mini figures I chose the original, the one that started it all. He can represents all that is good about space exploration in one simple mini figure.

3) Eris (fire suit)

Watermarked Photo copy

I am pretty sure most people are aware that I have a strange strong affinity for the Chima LEGO line. This is probably because the Chima characters don’t have a lot of pop culture baggage attached to them. Playing with Chima is like photographing in a new universe, anything is possible. Eris, in her fire suit, embodies all that is good about the Chima line: a strong character, beautifully designed and fun to photograph.

4) Swamp Monster


This is one of the first mini figures I purchased and he is still a favorite. (I am pretty sure I just outed myself as a newbie since this set came out in 2012). The Swamp Monster represents the perennial outsider questing for acceptance and love. Because he is at home in both water and on land, He is fun to photograph in any situation.

5) Velociraptor


It’s always this last choice that trips me up. I could have chosen Cat Woman, Geisha Girl, a Ninja, Proto Boba Fett, the Watchers or one of the Native American mini figures just as easily. But I decided to go with the Lego Velociraptor because we have had so much fun together.

Now that you know who I would choose to pack on my desert island adventure, which LEGO mini figures would you choose?

~ xxSJC