Achtung. Achtung.

We seem to like our languages here.
Yesterday we went all Dutch, and today we are going to the lands of U2.
And no, it is not Stefan’s Birthday either.

It is just a simple service announcement that we are making some changes to our little website in the coming days, including this fun little comment system and some service disruption may occur.

Like they say in Germany: Mind the gap and stay calm.
It is just some good old yippie kay ye work in progress.

The Crew

One year ago today- and what happened along the way

Time went by quickly

I know this is cheesy, but it seems to me the older I get, the faster time goes by. Right now it feels like it’s rushing by at the speed of light.

This morning Ian sent me some pictures from exactly one year ago and simply asked: Can you believe it? Honestly, I hardly can. One year ago we met in Edinburgh, Scotland for our annual toy photo safari. Looking back it was a short yet fantastic weekend meeting old and new friends, driving to the Highlands, playing amongst waterfalls and climbing hills and monuments. But that was only one year ago??

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A message in the morning.

As some of you may have noted in the last few days our little website was having a (few) bad hair day(s). I was blissfully unaware of the havoc that was going on until I woke up on Saturday morning with a message from Stefan asking if I also had some dreaded 503 service disconnections the last few days. Continue reading “Ray”

Newsletter Ahoy.

2018 is well underway.
January is coming to an end.
And we are already on the fifth word of the year. Security.
We have introduced some smaller changes here on the site in the last few weeks and have a few more lined up for you in the coming weeks as well.
An exciting year ahead filled with pigeons and seagulls alike. Continue reading “Newsletter Ahoy.”

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Living on an island in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from all civilization, lightyears away from the LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark (read the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden) is not the best place for postmen to deliver their packages ahead of schedule.
So when I got the SMS from our postman earlier this week on Monday they could deliver our package on Thursday this week (today) or the week after, I knew we for sure would not be the first, second or third to share the news on the new minifigures with the world. Continue reading “The Postman Always Rings Twice”


This month seems to be flashing by, in circles, colorful, great fun, and at a dizzying speed.
No time to focus.
Just like a Tardis.
Or a good old merry-go-round.
No head, no tail, an outer space portal-like experience.
A blur of colors. A childhood passion. Yet before you know the ride is over and you find yourself at the ticket booth buying an extension of the fun or looking for the next ride.

This month.
A month of projects, city trips and toy safari’s alike.
No time for the wicked. Continue reading “Merry-Go-Round”


BRB or Be Right Back.

With all the recent changes happening at the start of 2017, we for sure kicked twenty seventeen of with fireworks and a great start for toy photography in general. We wish Shelly and Brett all the best on their new creative adventures.

Before we take a deep dive and share with you where we want to take Stuck In Plastic in 2017 we need a little time off.
A time of creative reflection.
A moment of zen. Continue reading “BRB”

There is no real ending….

by Shelly Corbett

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
― Frank Herbert

This is my final post for the Stuck in Plastic blog. It is where I stop this chapter, but not the story. I’ve been blogging about toy photography in all its silliness and creative ambiguity for too long to stop now. I’m simply moving to a new home – The Toy Photographers Blog. Continue reading “There is no real ending….”