Its hard to believe that the great Las Vegas Toy Photograper meet up is less than two weeks away! A small idea conceived amongst friends so many months ago is about to take place. Besides seeing old friends,  I am looking forward to meeting three long time Instagram friends. I have already talked about Captain Kaos and Krash_Override and today I want to introduce you to Ki Chen otherwise known as Wikitoybox. Ki is a breath of fresh air on Instagram. Not only does she take wonderful photos with her iPhone, she designs her own toys and is a positive voice within the toy community.

Ki has created her own line of resin toys around colorful poop. In a community dominated by guys I am sure you can image that these have been very popular. (I hear she will be bringing them with her to Vegas and I will have to pick up a few more.)

I Poop When I Steal by Ki Chen
I Poop When I Steal by Ki Chen

I am always impressed with what Ki can accomplish with her phone; she is a master of the photo edit. She knows when to use those specialty photography applications to benefit the overall image rather than overwhelm it.

I Swear it Wasn't Me! by Ki Chen
I Swear it Wasn’t Me! by Ki Chen

I find I am drawn to toy photographers that mix up their feeds with more than just Lego toys. There is so much happening in the collectable toy universe that it is fun to see what is new and has people excited.

Optimus Needs Help With the Level on Zelda by Ki Chen
Optimus Needs Help With the Level on Zelda by Ki Chen

Sometime you see a shot that is just plain beautiful on every level,  like this image of a dunny being painted by HO model railroad people. The lightening, sense of scale and short depth of field make this a really fantastic image; one of my favorites by Ki.

There’s Always Room for Improvement by Ki Chen

Of course it is not lost on me that Ki is one of the most respected members of the toy photography community. She is a wonderful photographer, dedicated toy designer and she commands the respect of her peers within the community through her gentle and kind nature.

Ki Chen is one of those amazing people who make the toy community a better place and I look forward to taking our online friendship to a new level.

~ xxsjc


Today was a buzzy day.

We started the day with an outdoor shoot attempt on the beach (not recommended with minus 10 and a fresh breeze from the seaside in), continued with some hot chocolate on the catwalk (no pictures either) and ended up counting plastic bubbles with Buzz to see who won the little crazy Xmas game of counting bricks.

Your response was overwhelming.

More than 70 answers were given across all our social media platforms from Instagram over twitter via Facebook to G+. The responses ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Buzz did the count (and we recounted it twice) and ended up with 818 bricks in our little coke bottle (you see above how Buzz examines every single piece for its authenticity).

Both Dornyika and Iancockayne came closest with 800 bricks and so the innocent hand of Buzz had to take a second dip in the bowl and returned Dornyika as the one and only winner of our little Xmas game.

Congratulations Dorottya !

You  win an exclusive “I have been there” minifigure of Me2 and a signed 2014 Me2 Limited Edition booklet  in your mail box (just sent us your address details through the contact us form above).

And if you do not know @dornyika yet, do take a look at her feed as she has a great minimalistic LEGO feed, I really appreciate !

Merry Christmas from the Elven School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Who cares if it's already the middle of February? Today for #ElvesDay, @reiterlied tells us about his Christmas crossover project. Be sure to read his post on the blog!

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Do you want to join us at our #SiPgoesCapetown exhibition grand opening party?

Then connect to our Instagram account where we will be live from the Crust Cafe at 6PM CET.
We will give you a tour of the exhibition and spend some time with you.
See you tonight!

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Today @shtacyp tells us about the sporting event of the year, the Mount Clutchmore Winter Classic. Be sure to read her (e-)xtra review on the blog! ...

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Today, the second part of the #SiPgoesTT blog post on composition is finally out! This one was a collaborative effort between @_me2_ , @herrsm, @bevvypix , @chrisrosephoto and @reiterlied.

Looking for new ways of understanding composition and looking at your own images? Then be sure to check it out. (And the post also contains the master challenge on composition for #SiPgoesTT)

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For the past months, we've tried to find a date and location for our next toy safari. We finally settled on a time and place. It will be on the first weekend of September, from the 3rd to the 6th... Can you guess which city we chose? Let us know what you think it is in the comments! (If you want to find out you can check the blog... But no spoilers in the comment 😉👍) ...

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Welcome onboard the International Space Station:
It's a fabolous day to be looking forward the next LEGO Ideas release. Read @bevvypix ' review on the blog.

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We're going to South Africa!

From February 6th to February 18th, we'll have a pop-up exhibition at Café Crust in Cape Town. If you're in the area, be sure to come and say Hello. And if you're not, you can still join with the power of the Internet when we'll live stream the event on February 6th at 6pm local time.

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Sunday evening it is in Europe. Still we have some great news to share with you on the blog.

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Congratulations !