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Huston, July we had a problem

And what happened to our sense of humour? We do have one , saying that as a team with the exception of @herrSM, we are guilty for not joining in last month, so please accept our apologies for our absence. As a result we did not have many entries either and choosing a winner was an easier task than normal. Thank you so much to everyone else who entered. So drum role please… July’s Comedy winner is… @zoombricks and your tribute to Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition had us inquisitive, so a prize will be heading your way.

Hello August

This brings us to this month’s mission, we would like you to join us in a telling a story, either a Historical or Biographical Movie premiere.

Looking back at August 2019, I wrote a review on the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander that was perfectly timed with NASA’s 50th-year moon landing celebrations… This is slightly ironic and coincidental on my behalf as I am only noticing the date connection.

The Mission

This genre is for you to become the director and by all means, you can choose your own Historical/ Biographical movie. Some examples could be based around music such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, or The Greatest Showman. You might want to cover a historical event such as Hacksaw Ridge or Braveheart. On the other hand, you may want to look back into history and recreate one of the most incredible and controversial icons in Hollywood history such as Charlie Chaplin or my personal favourite, the beautiful yet tragic story of Marilyn Monroe.

You may have even just purchased LEGO’s The Grand Piano. This would lend itself nicely to Roman Polanski’s film The Pianist. Or you could help educate, using stories such as 12 Years of Slave. You might even see yourself in a romantic film, and recreate the love scenes of Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Once you have decided on your story, recreate a scene from the movie and post it on Instagram using the hashtags #sipgoestt and #sipgoestt_biography

First Man

There are so many movies to choose from and the Cinema has always liked telling a good life story. With this in mind, I have chosen not only a movie based on history but also on a biography. First Man had its world premiere in August 2018 and is based on the life of Neil Armstrong. It follows the years leading up to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969 juxtaposed with family life.

Hoping to reach the moon by the end of the decade, NASA planned a series of unprecedented missions in the early 1960s. Joining the space program was an engineer and a licensed pilot, Neil Armstrong. He spent years in training and risking his life during test flights. On July 20th 1969, this legendary story was watched in wonder by the world as Armstrong and fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins embarked on the historic spaceflight of Apollo 11.

Family Life

In his family life, Armstrong was no stranger to tragedy. He and his wife, Janet, recently lost their young daughter Karen to cancer. And now their two sons, Mark and Rick, face the possibility that their dad could die in space. However, Armstrong lived until August 25th 2012, aged 82 years old and sadly this month, marks not only his birth date 05th August but also the anniversary of his death, he sadly passed away after complications during surgery.

Growing up with my dad (an incredible man), he passed his interest in space travel over to me, and it has certainly made an impact on my historic knowledge. Today, I am still fascinated by space and time. And by researching and watching mankind experience the impossible journey to the moon, it can only inspire us to go on to do great things ourselves and reach for the stars.

First Man. Experience the impossible journey to the moon.
The portrayal of the First Man on the moon juxtaposed with family life. Neil Armstrong and his wife Janet.
Team-members, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins zip themselves into insulated suits and set out on a mission to land on the moon.
Neil Armstong became a licensed pilot on his 16th birthday and is one of the most famous pilots in history.
Armstrong, the First Man to walk on the moon with the words transmitted back to Earth “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”
The Eagle, Lunar Lander module touched down in the Sea of Tranquility. July 20th 1969. Before heading back to Earth, the crew left behind an American flag (not featured in this movie), a patch honouring the fallen crew of Apollo 1, and a plaque on one of the Eagle’s legs. It reads, “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

Are you ready to be the first man or woman to join SiP for lift off? Simply tag your pix on IG to #sipgoestt and #sipgoestt_biography

Join Our Garden Wilderness Trail

Strange Times

By now every one of us should be aware of the special situation that has swept across the globe. And due to this, we are being asked to stay at home and apply social distancing. This period of isolation is necessary to help us stop the spread of the virus, just like washing your hands.

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Contest Closed

Some weeks ago we asked you to join a little contest. We wanted to see your version of a FIAT500 in front of/next to/on top of your favorite landmark. The car itself didn’t have to be the real deal. The original from 1957. Neither one of the LEGO Creator Expert that hit the shelves recently.
You could just build one yourself (preferred out of your favorite bricks, called LEGO).

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Twenty-Twenty Eight

Hey there. Twenty-Twenty is in full swing. Our new SiPgoesTT challenge is out and well kicked off, we have a new exhibition in the making on the other side of Planet Earth and we are eight now.
We are eight.
Beverley, Natasja, and Chris have joined the crew and we are super excited to have them on board for our adventures in twenty-twenty and beyond.
Not with five, but with eight core crew members to keep you delighted with awesome toy photography and creative challenges alike in twenty-twenty.

No introduction required.

Our new crew members don’t need any introduction as they have been regular friends here on the blog.

Chris Rose

Chris posted his first blog post on why toy photography in 2016. Since then he has had many creative reviews and contributions and joined us in Scotland for a toy safari along the way.

If you want to read up or just browse Chris´ posts , we put them in a list for you.
And if you don’t follow Chris on Instagram already, then now is the time.

Beverley Thomas

Beverley’s first full blog post goes back to the summer of 2018 when she was featured in our Feature Friday series. Since then she has been a regular in SiPgoes52, SiPgoes53 and a creative contributor to our LEGO photographic reviews.

Here you can find all contributions of Beverley in one nice list and also Bevvy can be found on IG.


Our third new crew member may be better known as Anna as she goes by the alias @by_a.n.n.a on IG. Natasja made her first official appearance on the blog in an interview with Karine for the Hispabrick FFOL interview (Female Fans Of LEGO) early last year. Since then Natasja has kept us all smiling with her contributions. From the laughter in our Apocalypse challenge to reviewing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. set for LEGO.

Natasja’s posts can be found here.

Twenty-twenty eight

Please put your hands together and welcome Natasja, Beverley and Chris to the crew.
Twenty-twenty with eight it is.

And the first real event with all eight on the calendar in twenty-twenty will be our upcoming art exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, next month.
But more on that later next week.

The Five.
Welcoming The Three.
So we are Eight.


Karine, Julien, Maëlick, Stefan and Boris

The Eight in Twenty-Twenty

SiPgoes53 – Choose You Man

It’s a bit crazy to think that we’re already this far into 2019… But it’s already September and this week’s human being is left to the choice of everyone. So we asked those who already had come up with a picture to show it and tell us about why they chose that particular person.

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Week 25 – Eric Clapton

Our Guest This Week

The person in focus of this week´s edition of SiPgoes53 is British musician Eric Clapton. Rumour has it that there are people who haven´t heard of him before (as for myself: my first tattoo showed a cover of my favourite Clapton albums, but that’s a completely different story). Still most everyone will recognize some of his famous tunes like “Layla” or “Tears In Heaven”, as well as his versions of other artists’ songs like “Knocking On Heaven´s Door”(by Bob Dylan), “I Shot The Sheriff”(by Bob Marley) or “Cocaine”(by J.J.Cale).

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Week 21 – Anton Corbijn

A Photographer From The Netherlands

It is my very pleasure to introduce you to this week’s person in focus of our #SiPgoes53 series. Let’s have a closer look at the works of Dutch photographer, music video- and film director Anton Corbijn. Should you not instantly recognise his name but have a love for music, you will most probably have seen one or more of his 80+ music videos. Included are clips from bands like Metallica, Bryan Adams, Front242, Johnny Cash and Coldplay, to name a few.

Born in 1955, for more than thirty years now he has been the creative director of visual album design and stage designer for the tours of both U2 and Depeche Mode. He also made the last music video for Nirvana in 1994.

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Meet David

It’s been a while, but today we are having another SiPgoes53 Feature Friday Interview with David Collomb aka David Grafika.

About David

What can I say? I’m almost 40, a cat lover. I started photography when I was about 18. I live in the countryside of France, 60 km from Lyon where I work.

As I try to find photographic subjects everywhere, my eyes go here and there, I stop while walking and take photos… so people sometimes look at me as if I were an alien. Especially when it’s LEGO photography. ^^

I have a few prints of my pictures behind me at the office, both landscapes and LEGO. It’s always a good point to start a discussion with people. With that, I discovered some of my colleagues are enjoying the plastic too. Yet, it’s not Julien’s wall, haha!

I also pinned to the wall a lot of drawings I found on the internet. Some people are not certain of my aim with this, as it is mostly fierce humour (the best being the one claiming that “everybody brings happiness in this office: some while coming in, some while going out”).

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Week 19 – Haruki Murakami

Please Welcome…

A weekend full of fiction in a galaxy far away lies behind us. (Guessing I’ll never learn to tell reality from fiction neither the other way round.) For another week we’ll remain in the field of telling stories when meeting our next person in our SiPgoes53 series. This time it will be all about a living, non-fictional human. He used to work in a record store, ran his own café and Jazz-bar until he became one of Japan´s most important and influential authors of our times. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…

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SiPgoes53 – The March Recap

March is over and spring is on its way. Last month we explored Elon Musk, the woman of your choice, Bjarke Ingels, Hedy Lamarr, and Socrates. It’s time to look at your entries that caught our eyes on Instagram.

(If you want to join in the SiP goes 53 series you can still join at your own pace and leisure. Just tag along and creatively explore our handpicked 52 humans. One every week.)

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