Best Friends Forever

Friendship is one of the 5 words I selected in December before we embark on this journey. Not only Friendship is important to me, but it is also a recurring theme throughout my toy photography. Since I started to discover my own vision, Friends have been sticking around. This week I wanted to determine which of my toys were the best BFF, Best Friends Forever.

The Friendship between a Human and a Monster

One of the oldest friendships among my minifigs. Gollum and Spooky Girl have been sticking together in my toy box since 2015. Although I don’t photograph them very often, they’re almost always accompanying me when I go out with toys.

The Friendship between a Dinosaur and a Dragon

Most Minifigs might find T-Rap scary, but he’s actually very friendly once you start to know him. So far he has mostly befriended Dragons, but enlarging his circle of Friends is on my todo list.

The Friendship between Dragons

These LEGO Elves Dragons always like to play with each other.

The Friendship between a Human and a Droid

I had a great time photographing Rey and BB-8, wandering around either by bike or by foot.

The Friendship between Pirates

My two Lost Pirates, Jack and Morgan, always stick together. But one could rightfully ask if they’re not more than just Friends… I honestly don’t know.

The Friendship between Alien Vikings

My Togrutas of the North, Viking Ahsoka and Viking Shaak Ti, also like to wander together. Like Gollum and Spooky Girl, I don’t photograph them so often, but they’re almost always traveling with me.

The Friendship between Woody and his Teddy

Woody likes to make Friends, particularly during toy safaris, but his best plastic friend is his Teddy Thor.

The Best Friends Forever

But the best and strongest Friendship among my toys is the unlikely one between a Rebel Admiral and a Jedi Master. Master Yoda and Admiral Ackbar have been BFF since 2016. One of my early blog posts here was about how it happened. Since then I shared more than 100 photos about their Adventures online.

100 photos is a lot of candidates for this week’s word. I chose a photo that is both one of my favorite photos of Ackbar and Yoda, and one of my favorites from my trip to the Lofoten.

But before reposting it, I decided to re-edit it and adjust the white balance (something I forgot to do last year). I wanted to make it more like I envisioned, like the World is coming to an End, by giving the photo a warmer and more purple tone.

Friendships in the Real World

But Toy Photography is not all about Plastic Friends. It’s also about real Friendships, like the one you can create when attending a toy photography meetup. This week’s word remembers me that I can’t wait for our next Toy Safari which will happen in Paris in mid-June. It will be an event not only about meeting old Friends, but also new ones. So if you also want to make real Toy Photography Friendships, do consider coming up!

Sharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

Classic Space Nostalgia


I think Nostalgia is one of the main things that brought me to toy photography in the first place. Having collected toys for most of my adult life, picking up vintage Star Wars figures and immediately being transported back to being a child again has driven my obsession.

When I take figures out on a shoot, whether they are old or new, I love to try to create an image that explores the backstory in my mind. This is exactly like the way I used to play with these toys as a child. You’d watch the films, hopefully get a few figures, and then make up your own adventures.

Classic Space

I remember the Christmas as a child when I was lucky enough to receive the LEGO Galaxy Explorer set. I spent months building and playing with that set. Now every time I see LEGO Classic Space astronauts I get that warm, nostalgic feeling inside. Whenever I take a shot with these figures, I’m always looking to recreate these feelings which I believe is an experience that resonates with us all.


Week 7: Spirituality

The traditional idea

I´m sure most everyone who participated in our little weekly challenge #SiPgoes52 asked themselves the same question: What is spirituality? So did I.

First I guessed the word was originally connected to a religious context. A look at Wikipedia’s ideas confirmed that:

Traditionally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which  aims to recover the original shape of man, oriented at the image of God as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world.

Continue reading “Week 7: Spirituality”

Life on the Death Star

We are now 7 weeks into this year challenge, here on Stuck In Plastic. A new word (value or emotion) every week with a picture to illustrate it.

I am glad to see that many people are participating with us, taking and posting pictures on social media using the hashtag #SiPgoes52 . Continue reading “Life on the Death Star”

Aeronautics engineer by day, toy photographer by night.
Exploring the world with his plastic figures.

Capturing Emotion

LEGO and Emotion

A bit more than a week ago, when we celebrated the 60th Birthday of the LEGO Brick, I stumbled upon this post from The Brothers Brick with a nice infographic of what the LEGO Company did during each decade since its creation in the 1930s. It made me realize that I’m as old as the first minifigure facial expressions. It led me to think more about the relationship between emotion, feeling and toy photography. Continue reading “Capturing Emotion”

Sharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

Embracing emotions


Emotion, what is it? Well, emotion is defined as the natural instinctive result of a stimulus, whether that be mood, circumstances, or relationships with others. Thinking on this definition, emotions are sometimes seen as weak and vulnerable in today’s world. But I think we shouldn’t be afraid to share our emotions, we should embrace them and let them shape us. It’s not good to keep them bottled up because that breaks us down inside. Continue reading “Embracing emotions”

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Week 5: Security

The word ‘secure’ entered the English language in the 16th century. It is derived from Latin Securus, meaning freedom from anxiety and so it has been with us as a concept since the early days. The combination of the two Latin words, se (without) and cura (care, anxiety), resulted in the modern word security.

But security has a wide range of other senses. Continue reading “Week 5: Security”

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Security begets Confidence

Leading on from one of last month’s words, confidence, is security.

So I asked myself “Where do we find security?”

It's in routines, in friendships, and in the familiar. Security begets Confidence.Click To Tweet

When I picked security as a word to tackle this month, I thought it would be pretty easy to come up with an idea. However, as I delved deeper, and asked a few friends for their interpretations, I realised it wasn’t such a simple task.

So when I eventually came up with this shot I, felt it encompassed the word on different levels. Vader feels emotionally secure surrounded by friends, confident in his own abilities, but also physically safe and sound in his own bed.

After 60 years, LEGO bricks still fit together!

Happy Birthday, LEGO

Today we celebrate the 60th Birthday of the LEGO Brick.
It also appears to be the last day of the 4th week of #SiPgoes52.
And this week´s word was fitness.

We thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate these little plastic bricks fitting together so perfectly even after sixty years, and review the past week at the same time. Continue reading “After 60 years, LEGO bricks still fit together!”

Stuck In Plastic.

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