Julien Ballester, aka Ballou34, is a toy photographer doing mostly Lego pictures.

Now based in Paris, Julien is originally from the South of France. That’s where the “34” of his nickname comes from (the postal code for his native region).

Engineer in aeronautics by day and toy photographer by night (actually it’s all the time), Julien has the opportunity to travel the world for work. He never leaves home without his camera and (at least) a box of Lego minifigures in his backpack.

His pictures are a way to tell his adventures around the globe.

He joined the Stuck In Plastic team in 2017.

You can follow Julien/Ballou34 on all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, G+ and his website.


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This weeks featured person in our #SiPgoes53 series is no-one else as Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. The man behind the camera that can look into sealed minifigure bags ...⠀

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This week's #SiPgoee53 person is Nicole Kidman. Inspired by Moulin Rouge, @reiterlied's Elves tried to open a cabaret in the middle of the Finnish forest... Somehow they didn't manage to dance. Can you guess why?


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Today we take a first look at the brand new lime green collectible minifigure series listening to the not so foxy name called 71025. This set is released by @LEGO around the world today and one of our absolute favourites is the fox. Does she not look like someone we know all know? ⠀
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On the eve of the “official” release date of the new minifigures series we are curious what your favorite is.
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Good ol' @_Me2_ is getting nervous less as twenty four hours before the #StockholmFotomaraton is starting. Curious what photo marathons are all about? Head over to the blog, and discover the buzz. If you are joining the marathon this weekend, don't hesitate to come and say hi and let us know in the comments below! #stuckinplastic #runforrestrun ...

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In case you haven't been with us during #SiPgoesDenmark2019 let @iancockayne tell you what was there to enjoy😊Ian's favourite moments-now on the blog for all to read. 🇩🇰 ...

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