Series 16 Mini Figures – a review

Series 16 mini figures are out and unlike the last series, which was based on established Disney characters, these collectible mini figures are more in line with past series. We’re presented with 16 different (and mostly unique) characters, figures and costumed creatures designed to fuel the imagination. Each character carries within it the potential for a new and unique …

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The Basics – Working in a Series

series (ˈsɪəriːz; -rɪz) n, pl -ries 1. a group or connected succession of similar or related things, usually arranged in order What happens we you apply this concept to photography? What happens when you decide to create a Photo-Essay?

Do it because you love it

After being a fine arts photographer for over 30 years I think I’ve learned a few things and one of them is this quote: “Do what you love and the money will follow.” – Marsha Sinetar …is bullshit.

The Basics – Rule of Thirds etc….

In this series on The Basics I’ve already touched on Leading Lines and Foreground Interest, two methods that help you create a visually interesting image . Another classic method you can use to balance and organize the visual elements in your photographs is The Rule of Thirds and its compositional cousins The Golden Ratio and the Phi Grid.

Toys on Vacation – an iPhone challenge

Last week I set myself a challenge, go on vacation and only take photos of mini figures with my iPhone 6s. I know, not the biggest challenge, but when you’ve been photographing with a DSLR and a dedicated macro lens for a while, it can be hard to switch back.

I like a toy photography challenge

If you haven’t noticed I like a challenge. My attempts to bring Chima to the attention of the Legography community is certainly my most famous and fool hardy pursuit. This next week I’m going to try to accomplish a more realistic challenge: I’m only going to take photos of my mini figures with my iPhone 6S.

Getting a photograph is a process

How many times have we talked here about the choices we make during editing, about reviewing and re-editing older images, about planning months or years to get that one image that we can’t get out of our mind?  Many!

Robot competition – follow-up

Our first photographic competition has come to a conclusion and the winners have been notified. With nearly 100 photos from 33 entrants, I consider this competition a great success!

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