Mussing’s on Community, Belonging and Toy Photography

In my G+ mentorship program we’re asked a daily question. These questions are designed to get us to think about our lives in new and different ways. I thought I would answer one of the questions that came up this week publicly since it has some relevance to recent events.

Lets Shake the Blog Up!

Its time to shake this blog up and see where we land. I hate to bore myself and I really don’t want to bore you. In an effort to keep us ALL interested, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Since there’s no one around to stop me and tell me this is a crazy idea, I decided to go for …

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Finding beauty in toy photography

This week as part of my G+ Mentorship I’ve been thinking about beauty, the concept of beauty, what is beautiful, looking for beauty in unexpected places and of course thinking about how this all somehow relates to the photography of LEGO mini figures.


New Contest – Star Wars!

Are you interested in having your toy photography featured in the high end LEGO magazine Bricks Culture? Are you a fan of Star Wars? Then our latest contest is for you!

Looking at photography through a different lens

Earlier this month I signed up for a G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. The one I applied for was not your traditional mentorship where you explore a particular technique like “How do you See” or “Blur and Unsharp”, but one more focused on an interior exploration. I’ve embarked on a six week journey called “Breathing in Beauty, …

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A G+ Primer

So you’ve been thinking about setting up a G+ account, but the platform is confusing. As a veteran of the platform I’m here to try to demystify it for you. Why? Because G+ is a powerful social media platform that deserves a second look. In the past G+ was organized around Circles which were confusing to say …

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Freedom from choice

Want to know a quick tip to renewed creativity? Set boundaries. Make arbitrary rules. Limit your choices. The rules can be completely random or they can expand on some aspect of photography you already enjoy or want to explore.

Put the social back into social media

Let’s all face it, social media is a double edged sword. On one hand it helps us to make connections and find like minded people around the world. On the other hand those freindships are shallow and fleeting. It’s nearly impossible to take those initial connections beyond a superficial level of likes and brief comments.

My LEGO Weekend

I got my LEGO geek on this weekend by attending my local brick convention: BrickCon. My convention isn’t particularly special, it’s just like any other brick convention that’s put on in any number of cities around the world. There are a lot of builders who show off their latest and largest creations, many new friendships are made and old ones …

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My 300th Blog Post – a walk down memory lane

Over the last two and one half years I’ve written 299 blog posts for Stuck in Plastic and this is number 300. My first post was published on February 11, 2014 and it didn’t take me long to find my voice. Throughout this amazing adventure there’s never been a dull moment and I’ve forged many amazing friendships.

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