Sharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

Focus, Defocus, Refocus

Focus There hasn’t been much focus lately… Since I came back from Norway, my summer photo project has stalled for various reasons. But hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon! MaëlickSharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

The Arctic Road Trip

As soon as I decided to move to Northern Finland last year, my plan for the summer holidays was to go on an Adventure in Northern Norway. After two recent short road trips to the Lofoten Islands and to Tromsø and the Island of Senja at the end of the winter, I had a better …

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Focus Stacking

I wrote before about the dilemma I easily experience when selecting photos with the appropriate depth of field and bokeh while post-processing them. But the craftsmanship technique I’ve really been experimenting as of lately is focus stacking and compositing. I’m usually not interested in a very short depth of field. What I’m rather looking for …

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Zero, One, Two and Three

There’s two things that I’m constantly obsessed with: numbers and maps. I see numbers everywhere and it doesn’t spare my toy photography. From taking pictures to post-processing I have the need to use what I consider “nice” numbers. Prime numbers, multiples of two or three, powers of two, five and ten, 42, palindromic numbers (either …

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Process and Story

The Process When I read about this month’s Project, I was first excited and ideas started to pop into my head as I was reading Boris’ blog post. Then as I was going through the list of constraints I started to get afraid I couldn’t make it. There were two major obstacles for this project …

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