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Happy Monday

A happy Monday everyone. A new week has started and we are a good 5 days away from Friday. Friday, the day the weekend starts and we get some extra quality time with our friends, family, and toys alike. And the inspiration for our little creative workshop challenge we are running here on SiP with …

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It has been a while. I have to admit. Not me neglecting the blog, that is tradition and comes in waves (more on that later). No, instant fun when shooting LEGO. Just out and about snapping fun images in the wild.No previsualizations.And no advanced planning.No planned UGC shoots with NDA sets either. Just instant fun …

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It is Looney Tunes Times

The latest CMF (Collectible Minifigure Series) that LEGO is about to unleash on the world is a toy photographers dream (at least if you like classic American Cartoons) and features the all-star crew of the immensely popular Looney Tunes cartoon series. Looney Tunes is almost 100 years old and started in 1930 as a competition …

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Spring is in the air

We like our BrickHeadz. We loved them since they were first announced on the RLFM days in 2017 when travel was the most normal thing in the world. And we took our SigHeadz along to Paris the year after. You can even find photo proof of yours truly laying on the ground in front of …

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Happy Birthday, Ninjago

Happy Birthday, Ninjago!

Our good friends at the LEGO Group called upon all masters, young and old, of Spinjitzu to celebrate 10 years of LEGO® NINJAGO® with the launch of the awesome Ninjago City Gardens, some exciting collaborations, and a nostalgic look back at some of the theme’s key milestones. We got to shoot some epic imagery for this. And …

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It’s a book!

Well. Stefan and I have a series in the making. We call it The Unfinished Projects. One day we will kind of start finishing them. Or so they say. So when we kicked off the #SiPgoesVirtual 2020 with the statement that “the book was written” and the only thing that was missing was the pictures, …

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Last week around this time the very first SiP goes Virtual toy photography safari went live. And we have to admit, we did not know how the weekend would go. We had done our preparations. We had a good story to tell. Or so we thought, more on the behind the scenes coming later (cliffhanger). …

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What happened to June

It is the 5th. The 5th of July. I hope you all enjoyed the 4th. And stayed safe and sound with all the madness around us that happened in the first part of twenty twenty. The second half is now good and well underway (it is raining here in Sweden), and I could not wonder …

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