Oh my…

Just as everyone seems to be all busy preparing their journeys to the north east of the United States and looking forward to this weekend’s Seattle Toy Photography Meet-Up, I´m rather feeling torn between going green with envy and simply being sad because I can´t be there…

…to meet all the fantastic attendees from all over the place!

…to  actually meet many of those tiny digital people from inside my mobile device in real life!

…to get together with like-minded individuals and feel the spirit amongst toy photographers!

…to learn more and more about taking photos and about other cultures´ toys!

…to simply have a massively great time!!!

But, there is a light in the dark.
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Why go on a toy safari ?

When the #BalticToySafari was first announced I was really looking forward to attending.

I was hoping to learn how to take better pictures of Lego. I was looking forward to meeting some of the tiny digital people from inside my mobile device in real life. And I was hoping not to find professional photographers who would only smile about a guy taking his pics with his cellphone. Little did I know… Continue reading “Why go on a toy safari ?”

Ready for an epic event!

Hello, my name is Stefan and I´m stuck in plastic.

Now, that was easier than supposed to.

Little did I know when creating an account for this Instagram thing some four years ago where that road would lead me. It sure changed the way I was looking at the world around me. Continue reading “Ready for an epic event!”