Bithness as usual

Blocks in the Air

It’s quite the juggling act I knew this would happen. I knew when I signed up to write for #stuckinplastic that this day would come. I remember telling Shelly it would happen.

Subjective perspective

Subjective perspective Get down low and go, go, whoa! Seeing so many wonderful behind the scenes shots from the recent Seattle Toy Photographers meet-up, got me thinking about lying on the ground just to get a photo of a toy. And why most of my jeans have stained knees. My legs are achin’ My eyes …

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Rear Window

Pressure to perform

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but karate kid will bruise me Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Those kicks were fast as lightning Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting Yes, Carl, they were. In fact, it was a little bit frightening!

"I like the colour red!"

Exhibition ammunition

Every picture yada yada yada Every picture tells a story. A picture is worth a thousand words. Yep, we’ve all heard these before. I guess I’ve been afforded the luxury of posting images on Instagram with accompanying words. Heck, the words were what dictated my shots when I first started posted. Silly little puns. Silly …

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You do what?

You do what? Actually, what is it I do? I’ve been asked why I do what I do by Stuck In Plastic before. I’ve been asked how I do what I do before on Instagram. I’ve been asked who are my favourite figures. I’ve even been asked when is my favourite time to do it. …

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Why? adverb for what reason, purpose, or cause?: “Tell me why are you’re here?” pronoun for or because of which: “There is no reason why he shouldn’t”. interjection an introductory expression of surprise, disagreement, indignation, etc.: “Why, don’t be so silly!” Let me premise this by saying that I’m not a photographer. Heck, I don’t …

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