Sara Goldfarb

Requiem For Esteem

Finding Inspiration In Words, Again I recently had to leave town for work. After packing my bags (including the now mandatory for any journey off the property, LEGO minifigures), I grabbed a book from our bookshelves (I’d just finished the latest BricksCulture magazine cover to cover) for the plane flight and the few days away.

techno geiko

Rebel Grrrl recap

Lego girls to the front A fortnight ago I challenged myself to embrace my inner riot grrrl, and to post only photos of female Lego minifigures on Instagram using the #legogirlstothefront tag. When she talks, I hear the revolution In her hips, there’s revolutions When she walks, the revolution’s coming In her kiss, I taste …

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Shhh! You'll wake the microfiche!

A play with words

A play on with words What’s the good word? Anyone who’s read my posts here on Stuck in Plastic, or indeed, chatted with me, will know that I have a tendency to go off on a tangent. Bear with me! This post goes way out there, but hopefully I can reel it back to a …

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Aren't they all wonder women?

Rebel Grrrl

Girls to the front Recently, for the umpteenth time, I rewatched “The Punk Singer”, a documentary about feminist singer Kathleen Hanna who fronted the band Bikini Kill. Kathleen is well known for being an outspoken radical feminist, credited with launching the third-wave of feminism when she helped create the riot grrrl punk movement. At Bikini …

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Bad guy shanghai

A clean bill of wealth

Out with the new, in with the old Lacking motivation. Inspiration deficient. Stuck in a plastic rut. Brick block. We’ve all be there. I too was recently on the precipice of a tumble deep into the inability to initiate. And what does someone like me do in these times? I clean.

Thing 2's "photo of the day"

Succession session

New kids off the country block From rant to gallivant. From Bellbrae to Erskine Falls. Well, from Bellbrae to Erskine Falls, via Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek, Big Hill and Lorne, as we snake our way along the Australian National Heritage listed ‘Great Ocean Road’ that hugs Australia’s south-eastern coastline.

Big shot robot

Buy, Bye Bye

A hard act to swallow Allow me, if you will, to address the plastic elephant in the room. Numbers. I grew up on a steady diet of mathematics as a kid. I like numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Words can be fraudulent. Current. Season. Mine. All these words have multiple meanings. But the number 3 is …

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Dry-lo Ren

Rainy Day Activities

Weather or not As my northern hemisphere friends gloat of warm weather and sunshiny days (maybe not my UK friends) I find myself bunkered down indoors with the fire lit as sheeting rain pummels the roof. I like the rain. It’s good to us. It fills our watertanks. It feeds our veggie patches. It replenishes …

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Urban magic Like an excited kid on Christmas morning, I woke an hour before my alarm was due to go off to get up for the #brickstameet. As I began the two-hour trek to Melbourne, my excitement waned and was replaced with an unease.

Cow Chow

No Country for Old Me

Little Figs in the Big Smoke We live somewhat rural and very coastal. Rolling hills of grazing land meet low, wind-stunted heathland atop crumbling sandstone and vivid ochre cliffs that pierce the ocean-pummeled sand below.

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