Social Medi…EURGHH! Last weekend I had a weekend away from social media. Last weekend I wasn’t peering through a lens or scrolling through my phone, instead, I was swinging off a drop saw and a nail gun. Anyway, come Monday evening, when the tools were packed away, I sat down with a well-earned beer to …

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On the good ship #brickstameet

Freed him from choice

The ultimate limitation Last Sunday there was another Melbourne #brickstameet. As I was packing Lego on the Saturday, with rain and hail pelting the roof, Shelly’s post about setting boundaries and limiting choices hovered over me. As every minifigures was placed in the container, her words “taking a less is more attitude” became louder.

"I wish I was a unicorn..."

A Reminder To Remember

Baader-Meinhof? I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately? Your friend tells you about an obscure “mathcore” band they’ve only just discovered. Later that afternoon, you stumble onto one of their albums as you flick through vinyl at your local record store. Then you see a poster for their upcoming tour through the train window …

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aBC of Bricks

aBC of Bricks

aBC of Bricks A recap of the exhibition’s opening night As John Williams’ Cantina Band started to play through the speakers, I twisted the top off  a well-earned beer, sinking back into the couch to take in the scene. All the dramas, hiccups and stresses subsided as I took in what we’d achieved. Christoffer’s (@east_mountain) …

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Pins and Neatness

(low) hanging fruits (of our labour) Sometimes, words fall short. Sometimes, they fail to sum up emotions. This is one of those times. The lead up to the exhibition opening this weekend had drained me; both physically and mentally. In the weeks leading up, I’d poured so much into it, I had nothing left in …

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Reimagined re:image

Return to render AliceinCleveland’s post Doctor Photostein’s Monster about revisiting past photos struck a nerve of late. AliceinCleveland wrote about returning to photos and bringing them back to life through re-editing. I’ve returned to some of my earlier photos, well, more the ideas behind the photos, to reshoot them for the exhibition.


Sip-A-To-Do-List i

Backyard Battle Whilst shooting for the upcoming exhibition, my car has racked up quite a few kilometers on the odometer, however, maybe it needn’t have?

Road to Know Where


Sip-A-Dee-Ay , my oh my what a wonderful day. Aaaand…“click”…send! And with that seemingly insignificant click of the keyboard, all my photos are sent to the printers for the exhibition. I was kind of hoping for some sort of fanfare, or maybe some streamers and balloons to burst out of the laptop, however, I’ll happily …

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Nice guys finish aghast

Nice guys finish aghast

Dotting the eyes and crossing the wheeze With less than a week until the printing deadlines, the looming exhibition again is all I’ve had time for this week. So, please, indulge me as I regale you with the past week’s undertakings. I sit and wait until that moment arrives I’m so excited that I tingle …

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Flight or fight

Photo Stop(portunity)

Photo Stop(portunity) Meeting d(r)eadlines Last post I wrote about the curve-balls the impending exhibition has thrown my way of late. Without going into details, two of the four of us have had to pull out. EEEP! So, what has that meant for the exhibition?

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