There’s a question that’s always in the back of my mind when I take a photograph, or more specifically, when I’m looking at it on my monitor after the shoot. That question is “is this good enough to hang on a wall?”. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t necessarily see a print as the final …

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The Collective

Photography is traditionally a solitary pursuit. No matter how many people are with you there’s normally only one person looking through viewfinder, one person pressing the shutter release. But a collective of photographers? How does that work?

Other Peoples’ Ideas

It’s very rare that I take on commissioned work. My ‘Classics in LEGO’ series has generated a lot of requests to recreate various photographs and notable events in LEGO, and I mostly turn them down.


I’m guessing that most creative people reading this have shared their work with the online world at some point. Digital photographers have it easier than most, our files are ready-made to be shared …

The Great Indoors

If I was pressed for a percentage, I’d say less than 10% of my photos are taken outdoors with natural light. Some may look like they are, and that was probably the intention, but my preference is to work indoors with studio lights or small flashes. I “make” rather than “take” most of my photos, …

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Look sir, droids!

Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars day! The effect that Star Wars has had on toy photography is undeniable. It’s massive. If you look through the search results for “Toy Photography” you’ll find that Star Wars is easily the most represented single theme. The regular output of Lucasfilm/Disney has kept Star Wars in the public eye for nearly …

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People are often surprised that I don’t watermark my photos. I fully understand the reasons most people have for watermarking, but I have a hard time believing any photograph looks better with a watermark. I have seen so many bad watermarks in my time that I’ve been conditioned to wince whenever I notice a watermark …

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In the Beginning

I took my first toy photograph on the 18th September 2006. It was a pretty poor shot of R2D2. Bad colour cast, poor lighting, uninteresting, but hey, it was in focus! For some reason it has 8 faves on Flickr, and Flickr user “don solo” even said it was a “nice macro”. So I’ve been …

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The impulse to take a photograph is often mysterious in origin. Sometimes ideas appear to jump into your head with little effort, other times you can go for months without anything triggering the desire to pick up the camera. [clickToTweet tweet=”Creativity, like most things, requires practice.” quote=”Creativity, like most things, requires practice.”] I’ve found that …

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