Does it matter. Where you go?

I, Photo-bot

Recently I had the unexpected experience of having to pick out from my collection 12 photographs that I wanted to sell. Or that I thought would sell. Or that I thought people would like enough to buy. Or that I simply thought were good enough to frame and offer to the world. It was nerve …

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The latest photo challenge on the Stuck in Plastic blog was more about writing and thinking than about “doing photography.” At that same time, it was perhaps more about doing photography than the physical doing of photography. You can, do photography, for an extended time by walking around with a camera and capturing moments with …

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Object a Void Dance

I have always been, as much as I can remember, a person that receives words in a very literal way. Were I younger, I would say, I’m literal to a fault. However, time having passed, I’ve learned (almost) well enough to allow for some figurativeness in how I process words. (All the time. Assume everything is …

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