People are often surprised that I don’t watermark my photos. I fully understand the reasons most people have for watermarking, but I have a hard time believing any photograph looks better with a watermark. I have seen so many bad watermarks in my time that I’ve been conditioned to wince whenever I notice a watermark …

The Basics – Working in a Series

series (ˈsɪəriːz; -rɪz) n, pl -ries 1. a group or connected succession of similar or related things, usually arranged in order What happens we you apply this concept to photography? What happens when you decide to create a Photo-Essay?

The Basics – Sticky Tack

Sticky Tack or Blu-Tack can be a toy photographers best friend. If you’re not familiar with this amazing substance, it is a little piece of removable gummy substance you can attach to your toy to help with a difficult pose, an uneven surface, an uncooperative accessory or a stiff wind.


Yesterday KAlexanderson mentioned that the best part of this week was our toy photography workshop and the opportunity to “meet other photographers, work together and share the fun of photographing toys.” Now imagine that experience for an entire week and you might get a sense of what I have been experiencing.


Wow what a week! As Mike mentioned yesterday, it may seem calm here in the world of Stuck In Plastic, but we are all frantically trying to tie up loose ends and make sure this show comes off as well as the last one. Not an easy goal, because the last one was amazing. But even …