Week 42. Leadership

October is in full swing. Month ten. Week fourty-two. Only ten more words to go in our SiP goes 52 series here in twenty eighteen. 
And the word of this week is Leadership.  
From aliens invading our planet, over wienerdipping spacemen to royalty on a little bike and I am sure more to come in the next few hours.

Boris wrote a longer blog post on King Kalle on his personal blog. If you are interested in some little known facts and other musings, feel free to head over and read the full story.

If you are curious what this SiP goes 52 is all about, then we warmly recommend this post.

Next week we are looking at equality.

And if you are more in to some HP Riddikulus fun, you can still join in the Riddikulus challenge

Meet Niklas

It is Friday here on Planet Earth, and today we went over to Stockholm to sit down and meet with Peter’s Brother. A builder. A toy photographer. A minimalist. An AFOL who makes beautiful microbuilds.  Our Feature Friday guest.  So, without further ado, let us start at the beginning.

Who is Peter’s Brother?

My real name is Niklas Rosén. I am a 38-year-old AFOL, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I wasn’t born here, my birth town is Växjo, and that is also where I grew up. Växjö is a small town south from Stockholm (a good 400 km south, Sweden is a pretty tall country). The handle Petersbror, which I use on Instagram and Flickr is a nickname me and my brother Peter came up with. He is my brother (bror is brother in Swedish), and he started calling me Peterbror. With him it’s the other way around, I call him Niklasbror.
Weird I know 😊
I guess that is what brothers do. 

Niklas, Peter’s Brother, AFOL, Family man, Microbuilder and Toy Photographer.

I am a family man, wife, and two kids, living in a house in Sundbyberg, a suburb to central Stockholm.

What is Niklas doing when he is not playing with Bricks ?

Mostly family stuff. There is a lot of routine for me because my children are pretty young still. I work at a small IT-company that’s providing a software for e-learning. I’m a key account manager and help our costumers with what they need. For example, I do loads of voice over, spending my time in a studio recording. Not playing with LEGO.

Where did the love for the Brick (re)start?

As a young kid, I spent a lot of time with my bricks. At that time we didn’t have a phone or a computer packed with games like we do today. So I spent much time building stuff. I went through my dark ages (as many other adult fans of LEGO did), but I never stopped thinking of LEGO I guess. I would say I picked it up again like 6 years ago when I came over the part list of the iconic set 10179 – Millennium Falcon and made it my project to gather all the pieces. It was the first time I found out about Bricklink.com. And that made it possible for me to finish the project.

And that is when you started AFOLs of Sweden?

Not really, it was a couple of years later.
I don’t know why I did it really. I didn’t have anything to show but I met some people in the same area (parents to my son’s friends) and I understood that some of them talked about LEGO in a different way. It was more passionate and interesting than your average parent interest. So I started the FB group Adult fans of Lego – Järvastaden. Järvastaden is the name of the area I live in. Outside people started to apply to the group as well and I started to meet people at the LEGO store so I decided to rename Järvastaden to Sweden.  Since that day the group is called Adult fans of LEGO – Sweden and contains more than 3000 Swedish AFOLS which is amazing I guess.

It is. From Järvastaden to Sweden and 3000 passionate AFOL. Awesome. So, moving forward to today. Only a year ago, you created your IG account as petersbror and posted the iconic sewing machine.

Correct, the sewing machine was my first micro build. I often tell people that ask me about my MOCs that it is a piece that gives me an idea, but actually, it was my mother in law that took the sewing machine out from the closet and that is where it all started. 

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LEGO Elves 2018 – Final roundup

Today is #ElvesDay

After having a look at all the creatures (the Eagle, the Turtle, the Lion, the Fox, the Wyvern, the Wolf and the Bat) from the new LEGO Elves sets, it’s time to have a look at what these sets contain. For this week’s #ElvesDay, we’re having a look at the minidolls, the small bats acting as the main bad guy gal’s minions, and one of the buildings included in the set.

The Minidolls

The major characters all come with an updated minidoll. Apart from Faran which always look a bit plain to me, the new outfits are nice even though the old ones were already great.

Azari with her new shiny armor and giant hammer

Lumia is by far one the best-looking of the new minidolls. I love the white outfit contrasting with the dark skin tone. Continue reading “LEGO Elves 2018 – Final roundup”

Week 41. Harmony


1.a. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole:
color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe.
b. A relationship in which various components exist together 
without destroying one another: 
different kinds of fish living in harmony.
c. A relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, 
as of opinion or interest: family harmony.

The Origin

The Origin of Harmony … special thanks to the Google Dictionary
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The Brick Fanatics Magazine

Brick Fanatics is excited to announce Brick Fanatics Magazine, a new LEGO-based publication for all fans of the brick, available for purchase now. We (read the Stuck In Plastic Crew) are proud to be part of this very first inaugural edition. Here is what they have to say on the very first paper issue. A different kind of Feature Friday, on a Saturday morning nonetheless.

The Magazine, what is it all about?

Brought to you by the team behind brickfanatics.comBrick Fanatics Magazine is a new 80-page, A5-size print magazine all about LEGO. For fans of the brick looking to build upon their hobby in any way they want to, including some exciting toy photography.

The magazine is packed with brick-based content. From tailored sections to one-off features, Brick Fanatics Magazine is carefully designed to give the reader (that is hopefully you) an immersive and comprehensive LEGO experience in each and every issue. And knowing the crew behind Brick Fanatics we are sure they will deliver.

The Ipsem Lorem Batwoman in action.
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It is a wrap.

It is a wrap. Last week around this time Lluis closed the doors of the LUG Lounge on the first floor of the Skærbæk Conference Center, ending the very first SiP Pop Up exhibition. It took place in no less than the iconic Fanweekend.dk in Denmark. A good hour away from Billund. The hometown of the brick. Skærbæk, the Walhalla of (at least the European) AFOLs exhibitions.
And what a wrap it was.
But let’s back up a little and go back to the beginning.

And everything
Goes back to the beginning
Hollow Talk, by Choir of Young Believers
My theme song whenever I cross the bridge to Denmark
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SiP goes Riddikulus

We are pretty excited to announce that we have another creative toy photography contest running this month. Like with the Collectible Minifigure Series 18, LEGO is running a contest in collaboration with us and three other awesome LEGO photography communities (Cheepjokes, Frost Bricks, and Toy Photographers). And you can win the one and only Hogwarts Castle by joining in the fun. How cool is that.

The Contest

Create a fun and creative before/after scenes showing the effect of the Riddikulus charm. The entry must consist of two elements; first showing a build of a Boggart in the shape of something frightening – then show the build after the Riddikulus charm has been cast. Enter by using the hashtag #LEGODarkArts on Instagram.

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LEGO Elves 2018 – The Fire Lion, the Wind Wyvern and the Earth Fox

Today is #ElvesDay

After the Eagle and the Water Turtle, we’re continuing our journey of exploration of the creatures from the new LEGO Elves sets. The stars of this week’s #ElvesDay are the Fire Lion, the Wind Wyvern, the Earth Fox.

The Fire Lion

The lion is found in set 41192 Azari & The Fire Lion Capture.

I had high expectations for this one. Although the lion works well against a warm sunset backdrop, I’ve often struggled with getting the photos I wanted. When it comes to photography, I’d rather choose the Fire Dragon over the Lion.

The Fire Lion enjoyed the snow in Oulu

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And the winners are …

The whole crew is traveling back from Skærbæk today. Some of us took a quick detour across the Peeeee Shop with a lot of other AFOLs, while others had to catch a plane or a ferry. A day of travels. A day of first reflections on a weekend that was just awesome in many ways… (But more on that later this week.) First, we have some winners to announce for our SiP goes BrickHeadz creative challenge. Winners we handpicked yesterday in Skærbæk.

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