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When we decided to launch our Patreon, (yep, we did), it was with two clear goals in mind: to breathe new life into our blog, a project dear to all of us at here at Stuck In Plastic, and to forge a more intimate connection with you—our audience. Whether you’ve been following our work from the sidelines, actively participating in our community Discord, or have stumbled upon us at one of our real-life pop-up exhibitions worldwide, we’re thrilled to connect with you here.

Like SETI scanning the galaxies for signs of life, we seek to create meaningful connections right here in our digital space. And we want to share our tales, hear your thoughts, and grow together.

A Tale of a Failed Shoot

For our first cross post on Patreon and the blog, let’s share a story not just with a fleeting glance, like a quick like on Instagram, but as if we’re sitting down together with a coffee in hand, engaging in a real conversation.

So, where better to start than with a shoot that didn’t go as planned?

The project in question involved the LEGO Ideas set 21340 Tales from Space—a fantastic set that comes warmly recommended. Tasked by TLG (The LEGO Group) to create some captivating content for their social media channels, we embarked on this creative endeavour with excitement. Julien succeeded brilliantly, but I (Boris aka Me2) faced a different outcome.

My shots never made it to Instagram—why?
Perhaps I drifted a bit too far from the original theme.
A tale that was, until now, lost in space.

Exclusive Content for Our Patrons

As a follower on Patreon, you’ll get exclusive access to the full story behind these kind of images and more.
Plus, we are excited to offer you special mobile backgrounds inspired by this very shoot—our way of bringing a piece of our creative journey directly to your everyday life and making sure the tale is not lost for ever …

Let’s Talk

What about you?
Have you ever embarked on a project that didn’t go as planned?
How did you pivot, and what was the outcome?
Share your stories with us in the comments below (or on Patreon, are we pitching too much?).
We love hearing from you and learning together as a community.

Your engagement means the world to us.
Let’s keep the conversation going!

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