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Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

We will all have our own opinion on the use of Ai especially if used in replacement of actual photography. However, this technology is often present in our daily lives. We often do not realize we have used it. 

Have you ever asked virtual assistants like Alexa or Google a question? Or used text editors to autocorrect spellings? Have you used Chatbots because it is easy than getting hold of a human? And, do you use face recognition to open your Android or iPhone? Do you ever wondered why when you are searching the internet do the things you have searched for appear on your social media feeds? These are just some examples of Ai.


One of the biggest advantages of using Ai is that it can significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy and precision. It can save time and can introduce a new technique to make faster decisions. It can create technical jobs and reduce repetitive tasks.


Even though Artificial intelligence will have its bad side to its misuse. We must also not forget that it also carries risks. In its current form, I could make pictures generated to perfection. However, this can alter the way people view themselves. That in itself could make humans feel inadequate in their own abilities. Or it could force job loses. Perhaps mankind could slowly be replaced by machines. And not to mention there could be a high chance of risks that are connected to algorithms. Such as bad data, privacy violations, no ethics and the spread of misinformation or deep fakes.

Ai Art

Boris shared a picture for our sipgoestgif_painters weekend and it caught my eye. Now Boris is an incredibly talented photographer and his camera work is second to none. When he shared this Ai picture, I loved the look of it and wanted to know more about how he made it. He told me that he created it using an Ai program called DallE. I used a paid version of Dall.E3, but you could use Midjourney. However, the introduction of his Ai brought about some negative comments on IG. But I immediately wanted to have a go and I was inspired by the potential of what I could create. Yes, I hear some creatives out there saying it’s not creative, but I would beg to differ. It was creative and straight from Boris’s creative mind. So next he introduced us to Aria, and this opens up a new way of storytelling.

Embry Sky and Aria

Working my life as a professional photographer and creating a variety of images in camera is what I love to do and will continue to do. However, playing with Ai and creating my TGIF24 pictures using this tool at hand, has been so much fun. Personally I think Ai created pictures has now enabled me to open up a different world, literally.

For me, having played with Ai. It’s just another creative output I can use and not easy task if you want consistency. But Ai is just another way of telling a story that’s in my head when I don’t have all the real resources at hand. Many of you may use Ai generated backgrounds in your own images, and I just have chosen to go All In this year.

Last year, I failed to complete the tgif2023 challenges because of a busy photographic diary, so now I am on catch up, of course I want to finish the card challenge in camera. Since using Ai this has enabled me to create a storyline for tgif2024, meet Embry Sky. Her mission will cross paths with Aria at some point, as she was my inspiration.

One disadvantage that I noticed during my playing around was a lack of a consistent reproduction of my character. You see, in order to create a picture/character, you have to use something called ChatGPT.

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and Yes, it is safe as long as you do not share private information. ChatGPT works by using simple conversations and a description of your own vision. Chat GPT will then try to bring to life visuals for you. You are then able to refine and revise your picture.

Using ChatGPT it was evident that it not aware of its own existence and I often had to refine my character in the story I was making. When you think this was saving me time, think again. To maintain a years consistency of a character, I kept having to repeat and refine what I wanted ChatGPT to display. Eventually I would get a look I was going for and then next creation would give her a beard or a change of clothing etc etc. So, this was a work in progress and a repetitive task.

On saying that. Using Ai to create this year’s mission exploring the city has been extremely fun and exciting. I have been able to see the story unfold before my eyes and it has allowed me to introduce different scenes without the expense of buying LEGO sets. One set that would have been the perfect scenery for Embry Sky’s story has sadly been retired by LEGO . And that was the Welcome to Apocalypseburg (70840) set. I wish I had purchased it when it was available.

To sum up Ai. I get some would say words like it’s not real, it’s fake, it’s not proper photography. For me, it just adds another technique to help express and tell my story. It is an add on to what I already know about photographic editing software programs. It is a picture that paints a thousand words, literally! And that’s because I have to tell the ChatGPT the prompts of what I want to be created.

For now, I am exploring the possibilities and trying something different. And I know I will return to creating pictures in camera along with using my editing stills to facilitate my story telling. Nonetheless, Ai is here and here to stay, after all it is becoming embedded into our daily lives more and more. As I continue to embrace and enjoy creating Embry Sky’s story and I look forward to Aria’s journey in her magical city of Ai. For some it may not sit well with you and that’s ok, you have your own personal opinion. But for those who are exploring the positive possibilities of Ai please feel free to share on our Dali thread over on our Stuck in Plastic Discord channel.

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