And just like that, Skærbæk Fan weekend had been and gone! Ryder, Oink and Moo had a fantastic weekend seeing all of the amazing LEGO MOCs and meeting so many AFOLs. They were also happy to see so many of you stop by the Stuck In Plastic photo workshops over the weekend.

Before Skærbæk, they had an awesome summer travelling throughout Europe before heading to their final destination. Here is what they got up to on their adventures and some of the places they visited…

First stop – France, Estelle

First up, they departed from their home in Hamburg for a bit of sightseeing in France with Estelle – @my_name_is_c3po

They met up with Estelle, C3PO, R2D2, and Grogu and had a very busy time in the garden picking mirabelles before turning them into mirabelle pie, which they enjoyed with a glass or two of fine French wine.

Before they left, they made a quick trip to the supermarket to ensure they had enough supplies for the next stage of the adventure. Certainly looks like they packed enough for the road!!

After four fun filled days with Estelle, they jumped on a ferry and headed to visit Scott @siwaddington in sunny old England!

Next up – England, Scott

Oh no Scott spoke to soon and the weather showed them a typical British summer!

Not to worry in true British style, they didn´t let the weather dampen their spirits!. After a full English breakfast (quorn sausages, of course!), they took a tour of the TT Games Studio, where they met Luke Skywalker and got some autographs and pictures with him!

Braving the rain, they decided to take a trip to the Scottish Highlands, where the sun finally made an appearance, YEY! We couldn´t quite tell if Oink was sunbathing to dry off or simply getting his breath back from the magical castle they were looking at.

After a quick wash of their space suits and packing their bags (Oink included an extra controller in the suitcase!), it was time to hit the road again!

Back on the mainland – France, Mister World Reporter

They headed back to mainland Europe, for their next stop along the west coast of France with @Mister_world_reporter. First, they enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the beach to watch the sunset with Mister and Mrs. Brick.

After getting settled in, they did plenty of sightseeing at the old port and paid a visit to the aquarium.

The last day with Mister and Mrs. Brick was jam packed with activities. It started with a visit to the beach to see some old World War II bunkers before a walk to the lighthouse. During their time on the beach, they worked up quite an appetite! There was only one way to solve their hunger. Waffles and crepes! Then before heading home they watched the sunset one last time.

Next stop – France, David

Starting their day early, they hopped on their bikes for their journey to David @Davidgrafika in Lyon.

First things first, they needed to refuel with some delicious Asian food!

Up bright and early for a new adventure, they took a walk in the forest to find Matagrin Tower, where Moo also had fun playing in the moss. Oink liked to think he climbed a mountain, but Ryder and Moo weren’t convinced! After some stunt bike riding and enjoying some cookies, it was time to start another day.

Another day, another office to visit, and it started as any good day should—with coffee! While in the office, they encountered some unusual employees, engineers! And so, their time in France came to an end, but their travels were far from over.

A quick train journey across the border to visit Françoise @macareux24_lego in Belgium. After arriving safely at Françoise’s home, they gave her a small gift they had picked up in France with David: a delicious bottle of fine French wine!

Across the border – Belgium, Françoise

Oink was a little shocked when the cats appeared in the living room. After Oink calmed down, they all headed out for a Belgian specialty for dinner—French Fries. YUM!

Once rested, they spent a wonderful day playing in the swimming pool before heading outside for some kayaking and nature walks. After a short but sweet time in Belgium, it was time for Ryder, Moo and Oink to head back to Hamburg before their final leg to Skærbæk.

A short stopover in Hamburg with Stefan to see Elvis Costello at the Elbphilharmonie (and for their laundry to be done!) before departing for Skærbæk.

After 9 weeks on the road, they finally made it to Skaerbaek Fan Weekend where they could enjoy the amazing MOC´s that were on display and meeting plenty of other AFOL´s over a packed weekend.

They are currently taking a little break from traveling to enjoy relax and recuperate. Though they are enjoying this break, they’ve expressed how fantastic their time on the road was, and they felt sad that it had come to an end. Who were we to say no when Ryder, Moo and Oink asked if they could continue their travel adventure!

For those of you who signed up and wanted to show them your hometowns, do not panic! They will hit the road again shortly and keep us all updated on their journey around Europe and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this little summer project and we look forward to seeing where they end up next. Stay tuned by following on Instagram using the hashtag #sipbuddiesgoesSFW2023.

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