This weekend’s theme is all about VEHICLES – BOATS

Discover the world of VEHICLES / BOATS and set sail for this week’s theme ⚓️⛵️🚤🛶⛴


Step aboard and begin to explore the realm of boats, where the boundless waters meet human curiosity. Boat vehicles have long been intertwined with our lives, ranging from leisurely river cruises to adventurous ocean journeys. Whether it’s either the tranquility of a canal boat or the ruggedness of a fishing trawler, both of these vessels symbolize our connection to water.


Reimagine the boating lifestyle through your photography and then present your best shots that encapsulate the spirit of boat vehicles. Capture serene reflections on calm waters and experience the energy of boats in motion. Explore dockside scenes and seize candid moments of connection with the sea. Embrace the allure that makes boats an integral part of our maritime culture. We’re eager to see your interpretation of the boat lifestyle. Whether you’re focusing on the elegance of sailboats or the functionality of fishing vessels, your perspective is valuable to us.

Maritime views and heart-pounding adventures on the open water. Gritty fishing scenes and moments of maritime bravery. Reflect upon the essence that makes boat-centric stories particularly captivating. We’re excited to witness your take on the timeless themes of boat exploration.

This is your opportunity to frame the beauty of boats through your lens. Capture the essence of these maritime companions through your camera lens and share your admiration for the world of boats. AHOY!

Please use the format 4:5 and the #️⃣ #sipgoestgif_boat #sipgoestgif #sipgoestgif2023

Above all else, remember to HAVE FUN and enjoy! ⛵️⛴⚓️🛶💖

Attention please: If you would like more time to focus on the challenges, consider joining our Discord server to get the theme for the SiPgoesTGIF challenges ahead of time. We have a friendly and creative community where you can exchange ideas.

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