TGIF23 – Week 31 in Review

This past week the SiPgoesTGIF challenge asked participants to incorporate the element of water in their photos. And boy, did the SiP community deliver! We’d like to take the opportunity, while the challenge is still fresh in our minds, to share inspiring photos and some of the creative things that people did with water last week.


Reflection is always a great way to add interest to your photograph. If done right, it can add depth and nuance to your shot. Pro tip: Carry a bottle of water with you when you go out shooting. You never know when a nice reflective surface might be called for.

The reflection adds to the pensive nature of this scene. – Photo by Zoran.


Water is great for experiments with refraction. You can get some really nice abstractions or just a fresh way to look at your subject. If you’re interested in experimenting with water droplet refraction, check out this tutorial by Oliver Herbold.

C3PO seems to be in a state of euphoria or a little spaced out. – Photo by Estelle.


If you like a challenge and would like to experiment with underwater photography without actually getting your toes wet, then aquariums or any glass container do serve to be useful.

Scooby looks like he’s in seventh heaven. – Photo and “Behind the Scene” by Janee.


If you don’t feel comfortable getting H2O too close to your gear, mimicking or replicating the effects of water is always an option. Paper, plastic, cellophane, or even yarn works quite well – and minimizes the potential risks for accidents too.

Rebel duckies swimming upstream. Look at them go! – Photo by Stefan.

Thank you for taking a look at the inspiring photos shared by members of the SiP community. Hopefully, they inspire you to experiment with a bit of water or something close to it.

If you are not familiar with the Stuck in Plastic TGIF challenges for 2023, check out this post for a refresher. And if you’d like to know the TGIF topics ahead of time, consider joining us on our Discord server.

Thank you to everyone who joined the TGIF challenges for week 31. We look forward to seeing what you’ll create next week!

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