TGIF – Water

We’ve made it to week 31

The theme for this week is ‘water’. The task: create an image showcasing or utilizing the element of water.

If you find yourself in the northern hemisphere and in the mists of summer, then you might appreciate the opportunity (excuse) to experiment (play) with water. If you’re currently residing in the southern hemisphere, water might be a less welcome challenge. A chance to explore your creativity nonetheless.

If you feel adventurous, why not try a bit of underwater photography (with the help of a fish tank or glass container)? You could also experiment with shutter speed to get some splash effects.

If you don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your gear, you could replicate water effects. Packaging plastic/cellophane works well. Add a bit of fog or water droplets and Bob’s your uncle.

Too much water!– Image by Suné

Join in

Join the fun and create an image around the theme of “water”. Please remember to stick to a 4:5 ratio (that is portrait orientation) and don’t miss out on posting it to IG or the social media platform of your choice. And don’t forget to use the hashtags #SiPgoesTGIF_Water #SiPgoesTGIF2023 and #SiPgoesTGIF so we can all see and admire your effort.

If you would like more time to focus on the challenges, consider joining our Discord to get the theme for the SiPgoesTGIF challenges ahead of time.

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