The Road To Skærbæk


What is this about?

Some of you may or may not have heard, that every year in late September there is gathering of AFOLs in a small town (village?) called Skærbæk, located on the southern west coast of Denmark. People come traveling from literally almost all parts of the world to show their creations and celebrate the community. It’s one of the world’s biggest LEGO exhibition fan meet-ups. Some of us from the SiP crew will be attending the Skærbæk Fan Weekend (SFW) this year as well.

What’s the plan?

As SFW will only be in September we thought we’d offer some of you a chance to participate in this little summer project. We have three buddies here that will also travel to Skærbæk. As our friends are very small with only very short legs, they thought it’d be a good idea to now start their journey. On their way they may pass by YOUR PLACE. There, YOU can take photos of AND with them to document their trip to the SFW, before showing them the right way to their next destination.

Say Hi to Ryder, Moo and Oink!

In other words:

We’ll create a list of people who’d like to receive our three little friends via physical mail, then taking photos and (after a max of seven days) sending them on to the next person. This is an ideal project to work on for those who won’t be traveling this summer. (If you’ve planned to go abroad, do let us know the dates. It wouldn’t be much fun for our companions to rest in a package at your post office or at your neighbours’ while you are on vacation yourself).

How can you be part of this?

Join our “Road-To-Skærbæk” event by filling out our form (yes, this is the link to it). Submit a physical postal address (no p.o. box please). Do prepare to receive a package. Once you received the package let us know on Discord or IG and we’ll tell you who to send the package to after no longer than seven days. Take photos of our mini-crew, show them on their way to SFW, along with your sigfig and post those images on Instagram using the hashtags #SiPbuddiesgoSFW2023 and #skaerbaek2023 . You may want to send along an accessory or something for the guys to take along to Denmark. When posting to the next person please make sure it is traceable. (We have been missing both goods and friends on the postal way. This time we want to make sure we can find them wherever they are). Follow along on IG as the buddies are traveling to places before having a great time in Skærbæk.

We can’t guarantee they’ll be bringing wine, cake and flowers…

And maybe, just maybe, they will enjoy traveling to a such a degree that they decide to travel on, even after SFW has ended…

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