Welcome to week 28

This week’s theme is *Car*. Oh my, that’s a very technical (mechanical?) topic, isn’t it? But wait, it’s also one about beautiful shapes and ultimate colours. Which car will you choose to photograph? A sportscar? A convertible, just so fine for the summer? Or will you snap a station waggon or minivan to fit your entire family in? Or maybe even a campervan?

You could take an image of a bought LEGO pre-designed model. You could also build your very own car. If so, will it be eight, six or only four studs wide? (Rumour has it that there’s some crazy folks out there saying that even #2wideisenough …). The stage is all yours.

Hop right in- but DON’T push any buttons, right?- Image by Stefan

Join in

Join the fun and create an image around the theme “car”. Please remember to stick to a 4:5 ratio (that is portrait orientation) and don’t miss out on posting it to IG or the social media platform of your choice. And don’t forget to use the hashtags


#SiPgoesTGIF2023 and

#SiPgoesTGIF so we can see and admire your works.

Build your ride, start the engine and hit it!

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