TGIF – LOTR/Steampunk

Happy Friday y’all☕☕🍵🥛

It’s Stefan, the suitcase packing tips toyphotographer💼📷 Wasn’t that a magical🧙‍♂️ weekend? Thank you to Claudia for guiding us through it🧙‍♀️ (but don’t you wave her good-bye. She’ll be my partner in crime🦹 for the next seven days)

You know what? 💥BOOM💥!! It’s week 21!

The week of our first real live toy photo safari in three years🇸🇪! How awesome is that? And there’s even more: Those who cannot make it don’t have to be sad as we’ve got you covered, too!💪🏻

This week’s deck is the 5 of ♠️spades- Heroic Fantasy (LOTR)/ Steampunk.

This is another week where you can choose one theme or run mad contributing to all and everything. You may show us characters from a faraway land that is Middle earth💍 (or was it New Zealand🇳🇿?) on an epic journey🛵🚀🐎. You may as well snap some heroic fantasy characters🐉. Or maybe they are searching for a special shaped piece of jewellery coughcoughring.


Take us to a distant place were steampunks 🚂 are not just a theme in literature but an actual thing? Or you gather them all for a pint🍺? The possibilities are once again close to endless. (On a side note: we added the steampunk theme as next to our weekend hideaway in 🇸🇪Sweden we’ll explore lots of steel and history, heroic magic and fantastic comradery.)

Do join in and share whatever you’ll come up with when thinking of HEROIC FANTASY – LOTR – STEAMPUNK In return we’ll share some images from the safari🦓.

As ALWAYS, remember the fine printed house rules: Please share your ideas and images in a 4:5 ratio portrait on Discord (and in the BTS channel) and starting from today also on IG.

The week’s hashtag is a bit tricky though: #SiPgoesTGIF_HeroicFantasyLOTRSteampunk, as well as #SiPgoesTGIF and #SiPgoesTGIF2023 .

Ready? Set! Steam’a’GO!

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