TGIF23 – Air


Hey there, it’s Stefan. I know, long time no read…

I’m still hoping you’ll stick with me for this week’s TGIF. Are you ready? There’s just one word:


Hmmm, let’s see what comes to mind first.

How do you capture AIR? The most obvious thing for me is the musical masterpiece by J.S.Bach (apart from the big question of how on earth to picture that). And the next is surely to picture your toy mid-air. Doesn’t matter whether you work some editing skills or throw your toy into the air and hoping to capture it with the help of the sport-mode of your camera.

But what else is there? Can you make air visible in your image? Thinking about strong heat here.. Or heavy wind? (Do not mistake the task with capturing an underwater or space image including the absence of air, haha.)

These were just some spontaneous ideas of mine. I bet that you will surprise me BIG time with your takes on this week’s mission.

The Mission

It’s time for a King, Diamonds ♦ and AIR. Create an image and make AIR a key component of your pic. The rest like how and why is (almost) up to you. You may shoot right away the first idea that pops up. You may also think things over- and surprise me.. And yes, I am EXPLICITLY interested in how you shot your deck! Please don’t forget to take some BTS and share with me (and everyone else on here) how you got to your result.


The first three souls that hop on Instagram or our Discord server and tell me in a direct message the exact year that I took my image in (yes, I couldn’t resist digging through the archives) will get a free drink or ice cream when we meet on our safari in Sweden on Pentecost. Everyone only one guess. Deal?

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