TGIF23 – Abstract

Abstract photography

What differentiates photography from other visual arts is its connection with reality. No matter how much one tries to hide or deform this reality, no matter how much photoshopping and image manipulation happen, a photo will always have a link to reality that the most realistic drawing will never have.

Can you guess who’s hiding behind those shadows? (No it’s not batman ;-))

This week we will explore this link to reality and take some distance from it through abstract photography. Abstract photography is all about creating images disconnected from reality by removing the association between a subject and the real world.

The task

For this week, take a picture of a toy that does not depict that toy. You could isolate a part of your subject to remove it from its context. Or create a surreal appearance and emphasize feelings and sensations through light, color, shape, and texture. Or maybe you want to recreate your favorite abstract painting from Kandinsky with toys and a camera?

Remember to use the format 4:5 and the hashtags #SiPgoesTGIF_abstract #SiPgoesTGIF #SiPgoesTGIF2023 on social media.

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