SiP goes SWEDEN 2023

Less than a month before our annual toy photography come together (some call it a safari) is about to take place.
A weekend packed with toys, photography and old and new friends.
And if you have been on the fence of joining, then you can still reserve your spot as there are a few seats left.

What is a toy photography safari?

A good question.
It is a weekend gathering of old and new toy photography friends, where we come together to share our passion for toys, explore the area, share tips and tricks and create memories that last a lifetime.

Some of us will remember the epic Baltic Toy Safari eight years ago in a little place called Vaxholm, Sweden. If you were not there you can still read what Stefan had to share with us at that time or scroll the blog for other impressions from those trips, like Ian’s post here.
Others may remember the “not that far” from the Paris edition in 2018 or the sweet memories from Denmark and Billund in 2019.
And so a toy photography safari is an experience.
A memory in the making.
And this year will be no different.

Three days packed with you, your toys and old and new friends alike.
And no, you don’t need expensive gear, or be a pro photographer with impressive lights and smoke in a can.
Some of us may end up taking almost no pictures of toys, but spending their time sharing stories and having a good time. Others may be collaborating actively and creating amazing imagery together.

Where and When?

Now that we have covered the What (or should one say the Why you should join), lets move on to the Where and When.

Where: Karlholmsbruk, Sweden

Indeed, after eight years travelling the world, we are back where it all started and set up camp in Sweden in a little historical village called Karlhomsbruk, (just) north of Stockholm, where we will be having our own little toy photography studio for the weekend in Vita Magasinet.
Karlholmsbruk is located in the center of the Swedish Steampunk era (or so they say) in a region that is called Vallonbruken and we will be exploring its wonderful history in further detail during SiP goes Sweden 2023.
We have already reserved rooms in the brand new Karlholm Strand Hotel, so you don’t need to worry about finding rooms or accomodation this year. The hotel (5 minutes walk from our main location) is confirmed for all of us to stay from Thursday eve until Sunday morning. Price per room will be 120 EUR / Night (more details in the registration form or on our Discord channel.

When: Last weekend of May – Pentecost

Yep, less than a month away, so no time to lose in completing the registration form if you haven’t done so yet.

Travel in day: Thursday 25th May

Travel out day: Sunday 28th May (or Monday 29th May, if you want to stay an extra day in the Stockholm area).


Why join?
If you have been in doubt whether joining is a good idea for you, then rest assured that every year we have a great mix of old and new friends and everyone who took the leap of faith and joined in said that it was a great experience.
Will we meet you there?

Registration closes Sunday May 7th 2023

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